The Evil That Is Planned Parenthood


This piece was originally published on June 12, 2017

I detest Planned Parenthood.  And, no, it’s not about abortion, birth control, family planning services or their so-called assistance for women.  I detest them for their lies.  There are approximately 125 million adult women in the US.  In their most recent stats for a single year:

  • They helped prevent 560,000 unintended pregnancies in a single year.
  • 292,000 Pap smears
  • 320,000 breast gropes (they DO NO provide mammograms)
  • 4.2 million tests for STDs
  • 1.5 million young people reached with educational material

“…The first thing to get clear is that Planned Parenthood actually doesn’t provide all that much for poor, vulnerable women — particularly if they don’t live in cities. Indeed, you may remember that, in wake of the Susan J. Komen defunding ridiculousness from a few years ago, lots of charges were thrown around about women losing out on mammograms. But it turns out that Planned Parenthood doesn’t even provide them. As Democrats for Life has pointed out numerous times in recent days, the number of local community health centers outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics ten to one. Rather than the one-size-fits-all franchise approach of Planned Parenthood, these community health centers nicely embody the principle of subsidiarity in responding to the diverse local needs of women — whether in the Bronx, rural Kansas, or southern California…”

Their total outreach is 6,872,000 – max.  If we delete their alleged educational activities, we’re talking about reaching maybe 5,000,000 most.  In other words, there are at least 120,000,000 women in this country – that’s 120 million – who do not benefit from their services.  They claim to have 10 million activists and donors working with them.  That’s two activists per each woman served.  Once again, there are approximately 120 adult men in the country.  There are approximately 125 women.  That’s a total of about 250 million adults.  Planned Parented services 5 million women.

“…Defunding Planned Parenthood would free up over half a billion dollars a year that could go to a myriad of health-care service providers that provide a broader range of health services than Planned Parenthood ever has…”

In 2014, PP’s annual budget was $1.3 billion.  Of that, we the little people were forced to fork over $530 million tax payer dollars.   That’s a lot of money.  There are small health clinics throughout the us, something like 9,000 of them located in 98% of all Congressional districts.  There are less than 700 Planned Parenthood clinics.  Community health clinics service something like 21 million women per year.  They provide nearly a half million mammograms.  PP provides none.  They provide nearly 2 million Pap smears.

National Review

Back in early November, while I was packing to move, I scraped my right leg on a cardboard box.  I managed, once again, to set off a bout of cellulitis. Because I have no insurance, and no real option when it comes to health care, I let it go.  Fast forward six months.  I’m still having problems.  The original scrap has healed.  Unfortunately, the swelling that goes with it never subsided. I keep doing klutzy stuff and just being me.  All I need to do is touch one of the water blisters that pop up on my right leg and they get nasty. A month ago I walked past something and barely scraped an area about an inch above my ankle.  On Thursday I finally admitted defeat.  I need an antibiotic.  I don’t have a doctor.  I’m not going to throw a couple thousand bucks I don’t have, away, in an ER visit which I don’t need.  I don’t need a bunch of tests.  I’m not a diabetic.  I’d love to have a thyroid profile done, but that’s going to cost several thousand, so forget that.  The nearest urgent care facility is fifty miles and my car won’t make it that far.

I’m stuck.

Welcome to the brave new world of health care in the United States.  Unless you are wealthy or on Medicaid or Medicare, forget it.  We the middle class don’t deserve health care, I guess.  Then, when the statistics start showing white, middle class, middle age Americans are dying, more rapidly than previous generations, concern is expressed.  No one dares blame Obama and the Democrats.  We’re the ones who have had our once excellent health care stolen from us.

I’m sitting here, doing home remedies for what is a very serious problem.  All I need is a decent antibiotic, but I don’t have access to any way to get one.  I’ve not even had one for at least 9 years, which was the last time I contracted the same bacterial infection.  Since Thursday night I’ve been hitting it with Neosporen, alcohol, and band aids. It looks a heck of a lot better.  The swelling in my ankle has dropped off, dramatically.  I still need the antibiotic because it’s in my blood stream.

Getting back to my Planned Parenthood rant.  This country needs more community clinics.  PP is managing to suck about a billion bucks out of stupid donors and the government.  Just think how many people could be helped if that money were put into truly rural medical clinics.  That’s a billion dollars.  A small rural clinic could do incredibly well on an annual budget of $2 million.  That would be five hundred, count ’em – 500 – additional rural clinics with a nurse and a nurse practitioner who could write prescriptions.  They need not be free.  I would pay what I would have paid for a doctor’s appointment – if I could get one in six weeks.  Here, I can’t.

I don’t want to sound nasty, but people who live in Nowhere, USA, have just as much of a right to quality medical services as some little slut who lives in a college town and goes running to PP for an abortion. But, Planned Parenthood is not in the business of life, it’s in the business of death.  Washington doesn’t care about the little people who populate Nowhere, USA.  We don’t have the money or the votes to sustain them.

We’re screwed.


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