Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time, people who were drug dealers, selling such things as heroin were considered scum. They ran the risk, if caught, of spending their remainder of their lives doing hard time.  Friday, in St. Louis, former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty after he shot Anthony Lamar Smith five times following a high-speed chase back in 2011.  Smith was an evil person.  I don’t like saying things such as this, he was the kind of person who deserved to die.  Monsters who deal drugs should have no rights.  They make a living off destroying the lives of others.  Not long ago, in America before Obama, if someone like Smith ended up dead, well, the community was much better for it.

Today, though, because Jason Stockley is white, and was a cop, and Smith of a different race, the cop is automatically guilty of racism for daring to even consider arresting the poor man who was just trying to make an honest living and support his family. I can understand Smith’s family being upset.  I cannot understand anyone else even thinking that a heroin dealer, no matter what his race, is worth of lament.

This is no longer the case.  Stockley is to be destroyed because he dared force the community minded independent business person and your friendly local neighborhood heroin dealer into an illegal high speed chase.  In self defense, he shot Smith five times.  He was tried for murder and acquitted.

Unfortunately there is an entire generation of Millennials who are incapable of seeing beyond Black Lives Matter. They cannot understand why Smith, who was only dealing heroin, was in trouble or should have been arrested, let alone lose his worthless life in a justifiable cop shooting.  We are now dealing with a group of people who think the only thing that matters is the color of a person’s skin.  What they have done to harm others means nothing to them.  When you’ve lost the ability to understand when a person is evil, something is very wrong with society.

We’ve reached that point.