A Timely Rant About Immigration Reform


The other day I was reminded about the origin of the now ‘conservative’ anti-immigration movement.  Do not confuse it with anything remotely resembling the Republican Party.  It has nothing to do with the GOP.  The current incarnation was basically created by Richard Lamm while he was the Democratic Governor of Colorado.  The next person to pick up the clarion call was John Tanton, who, at one time, was one of the leading advocates for Planned Parenthood, abortion on demand, eugenics, and population control.

None of this is about patriotism.  It is about eugenics and total population control, to keep undesirable Hispanics from entering the country and breeding.  Tanton was so vile about his message, and so hard-core,he was kicked out of the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society.  He was forced to create his own organizations:  Numbers USA, FAIR, etc.  Dineh D’Souza, has one thing very correct.  The entire movement goes directly back to Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement, which was championed, not by conservatives, but by the progressive movement and championed by Woodrow Wilson.

The other day, Rachel Maddow did a hysterical and completely inaccurate rant, attempting to blame everything on the GOP. The problem here is both parties are equally to blame, primarily because they allow a fake movement, with maybe half a million staunch supporters, to manipulate the news and the story.  Republicans are terrified of losing voters.  The dirty truth is the leaders of the movement, may be conservative, but they are not Republican.  They are the very real white supremacists, and neo-Nazi leaning jerks.

The leaders are John Tanton, Mark Kirkorian, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, VDare, Stormfront, The Council of Conservative Citizens, Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, Tiki Magazine, and some misc. John Birchers. They are loud, attempt to be powerful, bullies, and think nothing of doxing and destroying anyone who gets in their way.   How neo-Nazi are they?  VDare is owned by Peter Brimelow.  His identical twin brother, John, was once the head of the National Socialist Party here in the US.  That’s a real Nazi.  Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter have no problems being associated with VDare.

Unfortunately, the alleged ‘leaders’ of the new alt-right are also part of the problem.  They are a handful of so-called Trump supporters, on Twitter, who think they control an entire movement and are responsible for President Donald J. Trump.  They are hip-deep in the disaster that was Charlottesville, but like the roaches they are, they ran away and said they were not part of it.  One of them even tweeted, the night before, that there was going to be violence the following day. They are very smug, arrogant, are growing in power, and think they control both Trump and his message.

They have nothing to do with real America.  They don’t grasp the tax burden the average small business person faces, or they would be demanding tax reform, not threatening Trump over immigration reform.  They would be battling Obamacare, but all they want to do is rant about immigration.

The completely racist excuse for immigration reform is that, if anyone who is here, illegally, and Hispanic is not forced to leave the country, the Democrats will control their vote. Their very racism, which began showing, during the Bush years, has caused this problem.  And- they are inherently racist when it comes to Hispanics.  John Tanton considers them inferior.

Once again the GOP is going to allow a handful of racist, very liberal, abortion advocates to dictate its future. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of it.  I saw how they tried to destroy George W. Bush.  I’m not going to let them get away with it, this time.