The Fabric of Our Lives


We are now living in a world where the very use of cotton, as a plant, and a centerpiece is now considered offensively racist.  The very mention of the word ‘grits’ in a joking conversation between good friends, one black, the other white, cost a conductor his job.  A banana peel placed on a tree branch so that it would not trash a path caused wide-spread racial hysteria on a college campus.

Once again, the ugly specter of symbolic racism has reared its ugly head on the campus of Lipscomb University in Memphis.  It was so horrific, so hideous, university president Randy Lowery was forced to apologize.

Lipscomb University FB page

This is the conversation after this post.  It makes me wonder if these people have anything better to do with their time.  I gather white people are no longer allowed to eat collard greens – which happens to be one of my favorite foods.

“…Julie Commander Mauck Priscilla Dawson What’s sad is that you think the world should revolve around you, your race, and its history. And, sadly, that’s what you’re taught in schools now. There are races of people who have suffered through much greater atrocities than the African-American race, but they refuse to use it as an excuse and to let it consume their lives . If you really wanted to heal the divide, you would quit feeling sorry for yourselves and get on with it.

If being served fried chicken and collard greens is “not only degrading but an insult to their intelligence and culture”, then throw me in the briar patch (yes, a reference to one of the best movies of all time that was banned because it hurt black people’s feelings).

I have no idea what the origins of fried chicken and collard greens is, but as a southern woman, it happens to be one of my favorites, along with the rest of the true southerners; so, why not take it as a complement that (a) this delicacy is attributed to you, and (b) that someone tried to feed you something they thought you would like?

When I was in college, I waited tables to be able to buy my food – which was mostly Rice-a-Roni at 79 cents a box back in the ’80s. A FREE meal of fried chicken and collard greens would have been met with accolades and appreciation. Quit acting like spoiled, rotten brats. If you’re offended over this, you have way too much time on your hands….”

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I gather grits, cotton, fried chicken, and collard greens are now racist.  That should be the end of it, right?  Unfortunately, just the sight of a fake cotton plant is now racist.


I gather we are no longer to wear cotton?  If you read the reports of the racist dinner at Lipscomb University, well, it was very poorly done.  The university president must be a total jerk, and idiot.  I’d be offended at his attempt to pander to Hispanic and Black students by the way he conducted two very rude dinner parties.   Maybe – that’s the real problem.  Is it possible we are dealing with such a total lack of manners and proper social behavior that it is now exhibiting itself as racism?

Perhaps the problem isn’t racism at all, but a generation of snowflakes who are so lacking in manners and have been so poorly raised by parents who have the social skills of some clod incapable of properly behaving in in a backwoods spit & squat drive through, they don’t comprehend what is wrong?  The president of Lipscomb University appears to be a very rude, arrogant jerk who had no idea how to treat anyone decently.

Manners can defined as the ability to make people feel comfortable in a social situation.  One cannot have manners if they have never been taught.  You watch movies, with people who appear to be of substance.  They are sprawled around a dinner table,elbows on it, talking with food in their mouths, unable to hold a utensil properly.  We are living in a country where people have managed to forget just what true social skills really are.  Completely lacking in all civilizing aspects of life, poorly educated college snowflakes do not have the skills to even comprehend how to behave.

We are looking at an entire generation of adults who have never matured, socially, beyond day care.  Until they have a generational awakening, and learn how to behave in polite society, they are going to be the most miserable individuals on the planet.  What is worse, they don’t even know why they are so miserable. Until they do learn what manners are, they are going to be little more than barnyard animals wallowing in the mud.