Once Up a Time – We Had a Constitution


Once upon a time, in order to get a warrant, a law enforcement type needed a thing called evidence – enough to show the judge they were not just on some wild goose chase.  There were times when a person could go on a ‘fishing expedition’ if they had enough, but not often.  Now though, all a person needs to do is judge shop and present discredited evidence, then make a person’s life a living hell.

We all know at the end of the day, none of what Mueller is doing is going to hold up under appeal.  He is using a henchman who was in charge of the Enron fishing expedition.  Most charges were eventually thrown out on appeal.

That’s the point.  The object of Mueller’s probe is to literally send a Mafia style warning to anyone who dares work for a Republican who is trying to become POTUS.  They may get enough to jury shop and get a conviction, but it will, most likely, be thrown out on appeal.  By then, anyone involved will be emotionally, financially, politically, and socially ruined.  Their families would be ruined.  They will have lost everything they have and ever will have, just to pay lawyers.

The message is quite simple.  If you dare help a Republican, the left is going to destroy you, piece by piece, bit by bit.  They have no  problem destroying the Constitution in the process. It doesn’t matter.  Hillary wanted to be POTUS.  Obama wanted her to be POTUS.  He did not want his socialist legacy destroyed.  He allowed his Administration to violate the law to try and destroy Donald J. Trump and anyone near to him.

You step out of line, support a Republican and we destroy you and your family.

Why isn’t anyone going after these people for racketeering?