Capitalism Killed the NFL


The game of football, much to my eternal delight, is dying.  For several years now, I’ve been writing about the fact that football, as a professional game, is so exposed, and the head injury problem is so prevalent, within the next twenty years, the game will either no longer exist or will be entirely different.  It is rather fascinating that high schools and colleges have not started banning the game, all together.  Head injuries are such a problem I think, one of these days, parents will be accused of child abuse if they allow their darlings to play organized little kid football.

Colin Kaepernick, that delightfully little spoiled brat, who began to refuse to stand for the national anthem, has begun the end.  What is so fascinating is, and let’s be honest here, his so-called patriotic stand, or kneel was not about protest, but trying to attract attention to a career which was rapidly reaching the DOA status. From what I gather, he is now unemployed, and quite possibly unemployable.

Our new President lambasted the NFL in a speech in Huntsville, AL on Friday.  The reaction of the NFL is typical Liberals are furious.  Conservatives think it is hilarious.  The NFL appears to be bending over backward to be all inclusive and appealing to the greater gods of humanity.  So is ESPN.  Televised NFL, which is highly over-exposed, is in a rating crises.

People are voting with their feet and their pocketbook.  I think Kaepernick and all his little friends have a right to behave like a bunch of spoiled jerks.  We live in a free society.  People have a right not to patronize their product.

The pending demise of the NFL is capitalism at its finest. The patrons of a product have decided not to spend their money on it.  How long this will last is the next question.

I suspect the reason the Commissioner of Football decided to attack the President was to deflect from the abjectly damning autopsy report on Aaron Hernandez.  His brain was so degraded from injuries sustained during football that he was rapidly reaching the point where he could no longer function.  It is entirely possible his criminal activities were due to brain injuries.

This cannot continue.