Sunday Morning Opera: Tomorrow!


Tomorrow is the day we’ve been waiting for since early May.  In just a few hours the amazing chandeliers will begin their journey upward, as the house lights begin to dim.  The muffled roar of the audience will fairly quickly turn into silence.  Latecomers will run to their seats.  The conductor will step up, to take control.  The National Anthem will be sung.

It will begin.

For many of us, our hearts are breaking over who won’t be singing this season, or any other.  Apparently the voice is gone.  Baritone voices are quite fragile.  A leading baritone does not have the shelf life as other voices.  That is what makes them so darn remarkable.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to our favorite.  He needs to realize we love him, and could care less about the voice.  All that matters is his recovery.   We just want you to be well and see that wonderful smile which is so amazing it lights the world like a star.

The season begins with Norma.  I’m not a fan of Norma for the obvious reason – no strong baritone role.  Let’s be honest, who wants to listen to a bunch of women, no matter how great they are?  I could see some of the divas of the past, but the current version?  I can’t stand her voice.  There, I said it.

I love bel canto. I just need some MEN! We need male voices. It’s too bad we just can’t delete all the other roles in opera, just have baritones,and insert other voices as needed, for duets, trios, and so forth and so on.

As much as I adore Bubbles, I need a palette cleanser. Sure, it’s a rerun from last week, but right about now, I need a baritone fix. Let’s face it, this may be one of the greatest baritone moments ever filmed.