Star Trek, Football, Boycotts, and Lunacy


Two years ago, Monday evening, I was watching Dmitri Hvorostovsky’s triumphal return to the Metropolitan Opera.  It was beautiful and at the end of the day, the victory was Pyrrhic in nature.  Two years later I finally remembered that the new Star Trek series was on PPV.  Thanks to the duplicity of the moronic Star Trek hating right, the word on the street was the show was terrible, and miserably liberal, with women in the lead.


The first two episodes happen to be the most conservative thing I’ve seen in ages.  It was beautiful, very well done.  It was real Star Trek, complete with truly repulsive Klingons and Sarek. One of the most important entries into the lexicon of Trek is a fleshing out of a the character of the young Sarek.  His relationship with Amanda, while logical, was difficult to understand.  Now, though, we see the ‘humanity’ within the man.  Though he hid it, he had a capacity to love.

Unfortunately, the new cast, after the premier, had to show their solitary with the idiots of the NFL by doing the idiot knee thing.  Naturally, the rabid right must now demand all good conservatives boycott the series.  Forget that.

I’m tired of it.  I could care less about football.  They only reason I’m enjoying this is because I hate football with a passion. If they want to make asses of themselves, go ahead.   Did you know, according to one source, football players always stayed in the locker room during the national anthem until the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION began bribing the NFL to have their multi-millionaires appear and act patriotic.

How bad would it be to eliminate the national anthem all together during football.  The renditions are usually abjectly obscene.  It would be merciful just to pretend they did and deal with it.