Enough with the Service Dogs Already, Yet.


“…Business owners, take heed: this problem is becoming rampant as more and more people enter the market of selling certification, registration, and IDs (including laminated cards, collars, leashes, and vests) for service dogs to anyone, for a fee, and without any oversight. The lure of selling something that costs less than a buck to make (such as a certificate or ID card) for $40 and more, is just too tempting to pass by…”

In this country, there are thousands of fake service dogs registered with official looking documents, some dogs quite dangerous.  Anyone who might question the use of these dogs is treated like dirt.  People all over the country are passing their pets off as service dogs.  There is a difference between fake and real guide dogs.

The other day a woman was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight.  She was protesting the entire time.  Turns out she is deathly allergic to dogs.  A person was traveling with a small dog.  Fine.  Someone else was traveling with their ’emotional support dog’.  Evidently the woman with severe allergies has no rights, when it comes to service dogs, yet a kid with a peanut allergy causes a shut-down of an entire school system.

I have helped raise money for the training of service dogs for the hearing and visually impaired.  These dogs are amazing.  My father’s bichon, Princess Sadie, was like an assistance dog, devoted to him.  All my mother would need to do is ask where my father was and she would find him.  She would also basically rat him out, when he was doing something questionable.  As long as Sadie was near him, we knew he was fairly safe.  He had Alzheimer’s.

I had no problem with assistance dogs who were there for a purpose.  Then, something happened, and one absolutely terrified me.  I don’t like large dogs.  When I was maybe four, I was the recipient of way too much affection from my grandfather’s boxer puppy.  He terrified me so bad, I was afraid of dogs.  My grandfather immediately gave him away, thank goodness.  I was in Wallyworld.  Some very healthy looking woman was leading a massive creature.  I’m not sure if it was a Rottweiler.  It had a muzzle.  She had it on a regular leash.  It was a mean looking creature.

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That did it for me.  There is a difference between a therapy dog and a service dog.  And – service dogs do attack and kill people.  Emotional support dogs are not considered, by federal law, service dogs.

“…Fake service dogs have disfigured at least six people and killed five since 2012. On January 30, 2012, a six-year-old boy was killed at Fort Campbell in Oak Grove, Tennessee, by a German Shepherd medical service dog. Three months later, on April 27, 2012, Jeremiah Eskew-Shahan (age 1) was killed by his grandmother’s “therapy dog” in Henderson, Nevada. Six months after that, a three-month-old girl named Dixie Jennings was mauled to death in Yadkinville, North Carolina, by a Rottweiler which was being trained as a service dog. One year later, on October 24, 2014, another Rottweiler in training as a service dog killed Logan T Meyer (age 7) in Hustiford, Wisconsin. On May 24, 2015, a Rottweiler killed 26-year-old Anthony Wind in Rochester, New York; he suffered from seizures for years because of brain trauma, and the dog allegedly assisted him when he had those seizures. Prior to 2012, there were no previous disfiguring or fatal attacks by service dogs on record…”

Fake service dogs are illegal.  From what I gather, the type of dog this apparently healthy woman was using when it was quite near me should never be considered for being a service dog.  The problem with fakes is people are using it as an excuse to take their dogs places where dogs should not be.    Pit bulls should never be service dogs.

“…Unlike the owners service dogs, the owners of emotional support animals are not protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act.  This means that stores, restaurants and other public spaces are not legally obligated to allow them entrance.  However,  many businesses will permit these dogs and other animals to enter to help their customers who may have a disability that would otherwise prevent them from shopping or eating at their establishment. This could raise issues with pets that are not specifically trained to be able to handle loud, crowded or confusing public spaces (as service animals are).   So what happens if that emotional support dog acts up and bites another person?…”

Do you know how easy it is to get your dog registered as a service dog?

  • SARA (Service Animal Registry of America)
  • USARplus (United Service Animal Registry) *
  • Goldstar German Shepherds
  • SDA (Service Dogs America)
  • Registered Service Dog
  • SDCA (Service Dog Certification of America, aka Certify My Dog)
  • NSAR (National Service Animal Registry)
  • American Service Dogs
  • Service Dog ID
  • Certified Service Dog
  • National Association of Service Dogs
  • Service Dog Tags, aka emotionalsupportanimals dot org **
  • Free My Paws
  • CRTASA (Canadian Registry of Therapy Animals and Service Animals)
  • USSDR (United States Service Dog Registry)
  • emosdogtags ***
  • registermyserviceanimal
  • Official Service Dog Registry

They are all fakes. For a fee the provide documentation, tags, even fashionable costume for your fake service dog. The worst part is anyone brave enough to question a ‘service’ dog is considered a monster, and subjected to intense social pressure.  Just try telling people they are dealing with a scam and see what happens.

As for the woman who was dragged off the plane because she was deathly allergic to dogs and the flight crew was respecting the rights of the passenger with the emotional support dog?  Well…. They could be facing a major lawsuit.

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