Everything Is Racist, Depending On…


Dr. Seuss was a racist. Did you know that?  His vile, racist book, Cat in the Hat, is, they tell us – now – a homage to the racist minstrel shows of old.  The reason?  The cat is wearing a bow tie.  And, while we are on the subject, bow ties are racist. According to those who specialize in race baiting and hurt feelings, if our new First Lady sends boxes of Dr. Seuss books to a school in every state that is racist.  But, if Michelle Obama celebrates Dr. Seuss, that is acceptable.  The former First Lady, because she is a minority, cannot possibly be racist.  Only bad people like the Trumps are racist.

American flags are racists.
Bananas are racist.
Math is racist.
All Caucasians are racist.
Cultural Appropriation is racist.
Donald Trump is racist.
Conservatives are racist.
Republicans are racist.
Christians are racist.
Men are racist.
Cops are racist.
Patriotism is racist.
Having Black friends is racist.
The human race is racism.
Saying you don’t see race is racist.
Saying all lives matter is racist.
Wanting equality for all is racist.

Get the picture?

The left is using threats and accusations of racism to browbeat and bully the right into submission.  According to them, there is nothing worse than the accusation of racism – nothing.  We’re including pedophiles, murderers, serial killers, and so forth and so on. As long as they are not racist, they aren’t the ultimate in evil.

We are to be silent and allow the left to have their way.  As long as we are silent, and let them destroy us, we are no racist.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve reached the point where I no longer care.  My conscience is clean. I treat everyone equally.  Maybe that is racism.


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