Liberal Friends


The person who, aside from my political mentor, who taught me more about politics and the Constitution was a dis-barred liberal attorney named Mike.  He loved the law to the point where he fought back against the charges against him, and eventually regained his law license.  He spent the final years of his life involved in a course he created for local law enforcement and the law.  Liberal, he had the rare ability to look at things from both sides of the political aisle.

During the infamous Mapplethorpe exhibits, Mike managed to get me to comprehend that, if someone was showing something in a private gallery, that was their business. My problem with the NFL protests is it is a private business.  If the owners want to allow their spoiled prima donnas to behave like spoiled brats, then it is a private business.  They can do what they want.  It’s that plain and simple.

I enjoy a good political argument. I live for a good political argument.  They are fun.  The problem is, one must be able to set aside political emotions and just have a good, logical time.  As with any argument, when it turns personal, the person who is getting ugly loses.  That basically describes most liberals this day and age.

Having spent much of my life arguing politics, I know the types of people involved in the bloodsport.  There are certain conservatives, mostly of the libertarian persuasion,  who become nasty when crossed.  They can be quite vindictive.  There are some who enjoy threatening others. I know because I’ve been on the receiving end of their threats.

Just ‘normal’ Republicans and Democrats understand the political game – and it is a game.  Sometimes you win and quite often you lose.  No harm, no foul, then everyone walks away, friends, in the end.

The worst of the bunch are self-righteous liberals.  They know better than you.  They are more important,  because they are liberal.  They are smug. You are an idiot, because you do not know what they do.  If you don’t know,well, they aren’t going to tell you.  Everything you believe must be destroyed.  Everyone you know, politically must be destroyed.  If you dare defend yourself, you are the bad one.

I’m sick of it.

I no longer play their games.