Doing the Opposite


I don’t like guns. I loath them.  I owned a shotgun for ages, but sold it several years ago.  I once chased my stalker with it.  Fired into the ground, I did, apparently scaring him.  The local deputies, driving up to the house thought it was hilarious.  They went on their radio to tell everyone I finally went after the jerk.  An old boyfriend gave it to me after the stalking grew a little more frightening.

I don’t like guns.  I am well aware they are a necessary evil in the world.  I think responsible people probably should own at least one.  I don’t want to own one.  I’m also wondering how effective I would be with one considering the fact that I ruined my right elbow in 2005 and have a difficult time holding things with any weight.  I also don’t have much strength in my hands.  For me, it probably isn’t the smartest thing in the world.

This said, I am highly suspicious of anyone who is determined to forbid we the little people from owning guns.  I know the statistics.  The reality of the situation is where gun control is the the strictest, crime soars.  Having an appropriately armed citizenry saves lives. There is something incredibly distasteful about people who have determined they know what is best,  yet they don’t quite live in the real world.

There is something quite distasteful about being preached too, and being told how evil guns are.  They are no more evil than knives, spears, a bow and arrow, musket, and so forth and so on, throughout history.  The evil is in the action of the user.  The real problem is there are always going to be evil people.

The left, those who want to sanitize society of guns and weapons to prevent further death don’t quite grasp the concept of good and evil. If a person doesn’t understand what good is, they cannot conceptualize evil.  Consequently, everyone is a shade of gray, potentially evil.  Unless a person is of their smug, elite class, they basically incapable of thinking for themselves.

Those who are incapable of thinking for themselves lack basic humanity.  They don’t have the same emotional responses or value as the elites.  It doesn’t really matter how they are treated.  If one has no worth or value, their emotions, their feelings are optional.  They may be treated as badly as you wish.

After all – they aren’t quite human.

They aren’t as superior as is the liberal.  Their mind doesn’t work the same way.  They are faulty individuals who can’t possibly understand how badly they are destroying the world around them.  It’s fine to bully.  Why not?  People who are conservative and want conservative values like guns aren’t viable people.

They aren’t quite human.

I don’t know about you, but I’m becoming a little rebellious.  The more liberals complain about our new President.  They more they tell us how bad we are, how racist, and ignorant we are, the more I want to thumb my nose at them and suggest they put their opinions where the sun don’t shine.

I’ve had it.