American Lawyers


I was going to write something rather humorous about the Democrats lovely little sex abuse problem, but everyone else is, so I will stick to lawyers.

Okay, I’m mad.

On Friday I was screwed over not just one, but two – count ’em two.  They were working in concert with and against one another.  I am collateral damage.

Can you say angry?

Not only that, but they are costing me quite a bit of money.

They don’t care.  If the one who went on vacation last week had let us know, a month ago, I could have made different arrangements.  But – they were too arrogant and lofty to do that.  They are too important.

I’m so tired of dealing with individuals who think they are so very important they can screw over we the little people.  Fortunately, because they are in a state other than New Mexico, I know how to file complaints against them with the state bar.

It’s gonna happen.