My Story and I’m Sticking With It


It isn’t a spectacular house, but, allegedly, I own it.  I paid for it on October 4.  I signed the papers, expressed them to the escrow company, and did everything I needed to do in good faith.  I paid for the inspections.  I was required to pay part of the closing costs, which wasn’t right.  I have been honest, and have done what is required.

But – around noon on October 6, the day we were to close, I get a call from the escrow company telling me the seller’s attorney, who had been on vacation for the previous week,and basically unresponsive, could not come to an agreement with the blood-sucking attorney for the blood-sucking collection agency who had put a $32,000 lien on the house in 2015.  Apparently,they felt they owned the house.  The seller does not think they do.  Their blood-sucking lawyers need another week to negotiate.

That was on October 6.  I’ve been told they should be able to come to an agreement by November 16.  So far, they have lied, procrastinated, and refused to respond to me.  They won’t respond to the escrow company.  I’ve been required to spend several thousand dollars on this fiasco.  I’m going to be required to spend an additional five thousand or so – money I don’t have – when I finally am able to get my things out of storage – so far five units.

I have no rights.
The seller’s realtor says they are NOT going to pay me for my out of pocket.
No one appears to give a damn except for my realtor.
I must be out of my parents’ home by December 1.
I can’t afford a rental with my cats.
I can’t afford to board 9 cats and a dog.
I can’t paint while I live in the house.
I now can’t afford the new room I was adding.

The seller’s attorney and the attorney for the blood-sucking collection agency don’t even care if they settle. I’m stuck in the middle. You now know where I’ve been these past ten days.


One thought on “My Story and I’m Sticking With It

  1. As my Grandpa would have said, (& I sure hope this doesn’t offend you, if so, I’m sorry in advance!)
    “Jesus bleeding on the effing cross, how long does that take?!” (We learned this from when we were in the car and Grandma made him stop so she could pee. Considering this was the time of girdles and garters I always thought he was being unfair.)

    This is just mind-blowing and cannot for a moment imagine how you are still coherent! I’d be pounding my head with a hammer to try and feel better! And you hit the nail on the head because this is clearly the scum-sucking lawyers that are likely just doing it to make their paydays better. I learned that in my divorce. My ex’s lawyer called mine weekly about absolutely nothing (it wasn’t a contended divorce, he could have called me directly) but everytime a call was received by my lawyer it was another $50!

    Although, I got the last laugh when my guy got the judge to order my ex to pay for my legal fees & when he saw all the things the ex’s lawyer had called about the judge didn’t hesitate. It was great! That lawyer looked like he’d been hit with a brick!

    Sending you many blessings my dear, I wish I was closer because I would certainly take in your felines to help out. Hope it straightens out soon and that this bull comes to an end without you getting screwed in the process.

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