We Have Two Countries


Our country is an amazing place, especially if you are powerful, famous, and wealthy.  When you are just we the little people, it is an entirely different story.  We are cannon fodder, dirt, trash, and worthless.  The chosen elites can afford health care.  They can afford to live well.  They can afford a lawyer.  We the little people are now in shattered ruins of our former lives – the way we lived before Barack Obama became POTUS.

We don’t have a chance.

Morality is a thing of the past.
There is no such thing as ethics.
Forget honor.
Decency is an anachronism.
Don’t expect fairness.

All that matters is success and power. The quest has become so all-prevailing, people, even we the little people, will do abjectly anything to achieve it.  They don’t care.  When caught, like the A-list actor who was finally exposed as a child predator, he outed himself as gay.  He was drunk and did not remember attacking the fourteen year old youth.  Nothing else really matters.  So what if his show was canceled?  He will do therapy and rehab.  Within six months all will be forgiven.

Pedophiles do well in Hollywood.

The bottom line is Democrats never seem to be held accountable for their crimes.  Football players can do just about anything.  We the little people who need health care can’t afford it.  Collection agencies are allowed to destroy anyone, as long as they make a profit.  Oh, wait, that’s a good thing.

What’s a little person to do.  When even the White House Chief of Staff is not allowed to speak his mind without being destroyed by political correctness, but Antifa and the left can align with ISIS and advocate for pedophilia, and not be held accountable, well, this country has a problem.