The Rule of Law


One of the most important hallmarks of a free society is the rule of law and the fact that everyone s equal, legally.  There is only one set of laws.  All men and women within that nation are required to obey those laws.  Break them and face the same consequences.  Allegedly, that is the way things work.

Unfortunately, it no longer works that way.  If a person is wealthy, a good liberal, or politically connected to the Democratic Party, the chances are there will be an entirely different set of laws, rules, and punishments.  Evidently, the most important thing is knowing the right handshake, code words, and how much to donate.

If a person isn’t part of that elite world, there are other consequences.  Our nation is divided between the elites of the liberal class, and the theodolites who are Christian and conservative.  It has reached the point where conservatives are now afraid to state what they believe because of harassment by liberals.   I am now quite careful what I say, to whom.  In so many ways, it’s just not worth being constantly harassed by them.

And they do harass.  They now openly harass and threaten to the point where many of us,who were once outspoken, are now quiet.  I don’t know about you, but some of these people terrify me. They silence and harass.  They censor.  The object is to break us, emotionally.  They’re doing a very good job, trust me.