The Problem with Liberals


I have a very good friend who is a dedicated, card-carrying liberal.  She is one of the few people who will flat out argue politics with me.  I love a good political argument.  The one problem my friend has is something many liberals have – when she is losing the argument, she just quits.  It’s better not to admit being wrong.

That’s what bothers me.  I’m a good Republican conservative, but I have absolutely no problem admitting when I’m wrong.  I try to document what I write. As a writer of non-fiction (and fiction) I am only as good as my sources.  Consequently, I do my best to be as accurate as possible.  I don’t mind saying I resent anyone, left or right, who refuses to admit being wrong about something.

Like so many liberals, when presented with provable facts that basically contradict a cherished story-line, my friend changes the subject.  I don’t get it. Why not admit you are wrong?  I’ve done so many times, but not that often, politically.

I think some of it is sourcing.  I’ve noticed that people who get their news, primarily via Facebook, are among the most politically ignorant I’ve ever encounter.  They believe anything that reinforces their world-view.  The very real problem is FB likes to censor anything that counters their liberal opinions.  The other day I posted something about Antifa.  FB censored it, sending me a message that my facts did not match those of the George Soros supported FactCheck.  I never use FactCheck.  I found it to be insulting.

Do I look stupid enough to believe anything that comes from Facebook, especially when I know that a goodly number of their anti-Trump hate posts were generated to make trouble for him and even FB admits they are nothing but lies?

That’s what bothers me.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve played this game long enough to know what is accurate and what isn’t.  I know the characters and their motives.  I don’t mind admitting, when I began hearing that then candidate Donald Trump was being supported by very unsavory characters, I did my own investigating.  Funny thing, that.  None of the usual far right hater surface.  The so-called racist supporters were NOT the usual suspects. Many could be traced back to Democratic operatives.  The same thing held true with the whole immigration spew.  The mainstream anti-immigration jerks were, for the most part, not involved.

I will willingly admit I voted for Obama in 2012.  I could not and still cannot tolerate Mitt Romney.  I did not like his connections with the John Birch Society, and certain other unsavory far right groups.  Fascinatingly, none of these entities support President Trump and are doing their best to undermine him.

The real problem with disliking someone – politically – is either the inability or refusal to see the ‘truth’ in a situation.  If we cannot be brutally honest about our politicians, even those on our side, we have a very real problem in this country.