Domestic Abuse


It was pure evil.

The problem, with horrors like what happened in a small Texas town is people need reasons.  They need drastic reasons, Antifa, or ISIS.  Evil isn’t enough.  People need scapegoats, and someone to blame.

The killer, now dead, was a monster.  He had been a monster since he was a teen. There are numerous stories about how vile he was.  He was going for revenge, killing the grandmother of his wife.

It was about domestic abuse.

Why are people so shocked when monsters, who are able to get hold of guns, do monstrous things?  Even though this specific monster should not have been allowed access to guns, but did, thanks to a problem at Holloman, the information was never loaded in the proper data base.   Those convicted of domestic abuse are not allowed to own guns.  Big fat hairy deal.  Tell that to the people who were slaughtered by guns – over the years.

Abusers are going to kill. Nothing, absolutely nothing is going to stop them.  If they want, bad enough,to destroy the lives of those they hate, they will do it.  I think, one of the problems here is the fact that, with all reason and logic, we most recognize the fact that there is nothing, short of lifetime imprisonment, that will stop someone who is determined to kill, from doing just that.