All Politics Are….


You know how they say all politics are local?  Well, it’s true.  We are currently watching a hysteria-driven Democrat victory lap because their candidates won the governor’s races in two blue states.  They are either that disparate or that delusional.  It is rather amusing, watching Wednesday-morning quarterbacking, even from the right. The problem is they are missing the real story, left and right.

Politics are local.

Elections, even national ones are local and personal.

Community based elections are about where a person lives, their daily lives.  They are races which should be critical.  Unfortunately, and I count myself as part of the my bad crowd, we rarely pay attention to them. When I was in South Carolina I was actively involved in local.  Here in New Mexico, why bother?  Lincoln County is so corrupt, and the people so bovine in their refusal to even speak out, it’s a joke.

We are hearing people complain that we are a highly divided nation, politically.  That’s the bad part of this, and the good part.  People are now so involved – at least nationally, that politics have become a personal contact sport.

That’s basically a very good thing. I don’t care what a person believes, as long as they are willing to vote. This could take us on a detour over the idiotic NFL knee protests, but why bother.  The dimwit who started it all has never voted in his life, and is not even registered to vote.  As far as I’m concerned he needs to shut up until he does just that.  Then  –  he has a right to protest.

Presidential politics has become the World Series, Academy Awards, Indy 500, and MLB All-Star Game, all rolled into one.  It is fun.  It is a game.  It is hysteria.  People are now involved.  It is the bloodiest contact sport on the planet.

That’s also a good thing.

The problem with viewing the Democratic gubernatorial victories in both Virginia and New Jersey from either red or blue colored glasses is it is inaccurate.   A state governor’s race is about the state.  It is intimately personal.  If I had lived in Virginia, I would not have voted for the Republican Ed Gillespie.  I would not have voted for the Democrat, either, BTW.

I currently live in New Mexico.  The office bounces back and forth, every eight years, from one party to another.  The story is, the only reason Big Bill Richardson was elected was because Republicans put him in office.  I voted for him the second time.  I voted for Susanna Martinez the first time.  I did not make that mistake the second time.  I voted for her Democratic opponent.  Was that a commentary on national politics, Obama, or the state of the nation?  Nope, it was a commentary on how incompetent and corrupt Martinez, a Republican, is.

Because it bounces back and forth, I am currently quite concerned over the fate of Steve Pearce.  The man is an excellent Congressman.  He’s going to be destroyed in the general election in 2018.  It won’t be over Trump, or a commentary on national politics.  It will be that back and forth swing New Mexico has a tendency to take, now.

Voting for Congress is selfish.  You vote for the person who can help you and your district the most.  It explains why some Democrats are able to survive in Red states and some Republicans can survive in Blue states.  The vote for Congress is probably a person’s most intimate vote of all.

The Senate is another thing, entirely.  Here is where a person puts party over everything else.  I’m good and well not going to vote for a Democrat for the Senate, period.  End of Story.  A yellow cat could run for Senate as a Republican and I’d vote for her.

As usual, people like moi, make up the majority of the electorate.  The trick is getting those people I think are truly brain-dead, the undecideds, to vote.  I guess you can tell I have absolutely no respect for them. It is also why I’m not actively involved as a political operative.  I’d open my big fat mouth….

The bottom line?

Ed Gillespie was a piss-poor candidate.  With this loss, he many, once and for all, be put out of the GOP’s misery.  Don’t ever think this was about Donald Trump.  It wasn’t.  It was about the GOP once again nominating a loser.