No Moore?


I do not like Judge Roy Moore.  I never have.  I don’t like self-righteous men who think they are better than everyone else, especially religiously. Frankly, I think the man is unfit to serve.  He is arrogant, narcissistic, and terribly religious, detesting gays, lesbians, trans, and basically anyone who doesn’t fit his standards of behavior. He is so sure of the righteousness of his behavior that he has held himself to a higher standard.  His religious views are more important than the Constitution.  Men of his ilk, good, godly, christian men who are terribly religious have a tendency to fall, and also have a tendency toward certain ‘sins’.

First, if Moore was into dating younger women, i.e. high school girls, apparently his practice thereof ended when he married his much younger wife.  He never went beyond a certain point, if the allegations are true.  If true, the stories don’t appear to be about an abuser as much as they are of a thirty-two year old man who preferred much younger women.  Let’s face it, the only type of men who do this, who aren’t abusers are so immature they are incapable of being around women their own age.

Is Roy Moore telling the truth?  I don’t know.  I think, on the basis of listening to his Friday interview by Sean Hannity, that he was hedging.  If the WPost did a hatchet job on him, then, like Jonathan Turley suggests, the man needs to go for a lawsuit, and fast.  As for the fact that everyone thinks this is a Democratic set-up, well, consider their track record.

I’ve said all along, Moore is a disaster.  Once again, the GOP has managed to nominate an offensive, hard-right person who is incapable of winning a general election for the Senate.  It all makes sense. Let’s just be honest here.  By nominating a candidate who is extreme right, the GOP has literally handed a Senate seat to the Dems – on a highly polished, gold, diamond encrusted platter.

As usual….