Justifying the Means


Evidently there are two sets of rules regarding sexual assault and harassment.

1.  If you are a Republican and a Democrat is accused, yippee!  Have at it.  Take them out, no questions asked.  If you are a Republican and one of your own is accused, circle the wagons and damn the victim to hell.

2.  If you are a Democrat and a Republican is accused, hot damn!  If you are a Democrat and one of your own is accused, destroy the victim.

There are no exceptions to these rules.

The End

The problem for the GOP is the Steve Bannon right is circling the wagons around Judge Roy Moore, who, with each passing day, is looking more and more like a total creep.  In order to maintain viability, every other Republican in the United States Senate, who does not worship at the feet of Steve Bannon and his flunkies must be destroyed.  I am beginning to suspect if the President of the United States disagrees with Bannon, he too, must be destroyed.

This is going to be a disaster for the GOP.  Bannon is allegedly already on record stating that, if the GOP loses the House and Senate in the mid-terms, Trump will be impeached.  It looks to me like he’s getting a little too important and needs to be taken down to size – Bannon, not Trump.  If Bannon continues on his current path, he will be destroying Donald Trump.

I wonder what Trump did to upset him?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t  like what I’m seeing.  Someone needs to remind Bannon he is not the be all and end all, before he ends it all.  I suspect, if thwarted, he will attempt to destroy our wonderful new POTUS.