The Rank Hypocrisy of the Right


Once upon a time, when I was in college, I had a serious problem passing basic algebra. Long story short,and fast forward several decades, it was not until the late 1990s that my problems were diagnosed as a very specific form of dyslexia.  I have an IQ of 164.  When I take a regular IQ test, it comes out around 78 or so – because I have such problems with numbers and mathematics.  It was such a problem, when I was in school, I flunked algebra 101 twice.  The tutor hired to get me out of it, had  heart attack and gave up on me.  I attended summer school, signing up for a class with a known ‘easy’ professor.

I flunked.

There is a reason I flunked his class.  He was quite handy.  The women in his class routinely received lower grades than the males.  Those of us selected for special assistance, if we followed his instructions, would receive a passing grade.

I chose the F.

I watched a girl, only seventeen, change.  A lonely, and immature child, her father was career Air Force.  Her mother was from the Philippines.  My family took her ‘in’ helping her get over her intense home-sickness. That second session, we were Dr.Bell’s class.  She needed extra help.  She went to his office for help.  She became hard, bitter, and received an A.  She never spoke to me, again.  I do know she took his other classes, later on, and did quite well.

Unfortunately, one of the results of my refusal to accept his help, was the inability to pass even the most remedial math class.  There was no possible way I would ever graduate.  It was one of the reasons I quite school.  I wanted to be an archaeologist.  I still want to be an archaeologist.  But, I was forced to give up that dream – because of the predatory professor.


I never told anyone.  What was the use?  The man was infamous.  It was my word against one of the top professors in the school.  We all know, during the 1970s, I had no chance.  I had no choice.  I had to regroup and change my entire life’s path over it. Why bother saying anything?  I was humiliated because I’d flunked algebra 101 three semesters in a row.

I’ve watched the right, people who have spent the past 20 years or so castigating Bill Clinton, and supporting the woman who accused him of rape and harassment treat the women who have come forward to accuse Roy Moore of the same thing the way the left treated Clinton’s women.  I am sick and I am disgusted.  If people on the right were honest, they would treat those accusing Roy Moore the same way they are/have treated the women accusing Bill Clinton.

They aren’t.

They have ruined themselves.  They have failed to take the high moral ground.  They have harmed the GOP, perhaps irreparably. I am absolutely contemptuous of this.

If I were in the same position as those women, today, and Dr. Bell, who has been dead for many years, were running for Senate, I would come forward and subject myself to what these women are.  Yes, I said nothing.  Resistance was futile.  I had no real choice.  Nothing would ever have come of it.  I understand how these women feel.