No Hugs Please!


The other day some conservative talking head became irate because someone with the Girl Scouts wrote that parents should not force their daughters to hug people if they do not want a hug.  AMEN!  Nothing is worse than being forced to hug someone if you do not want to hug that person.  Girls need to learn personal space.  They should also have the right to refuse to be hugged.  EVERYONE should have the right to refuse to be hugged.

Okay, I hate being hugged.  I loath it. I am sick and tired of the doctrine that everyone must be hugged, all the time, along with the assumption I want to be hugged. I don’t. I almost never want to be hugged.  The process is abjectly miserable.  It is an invasion of personal space. It implies intimacy where none exists.

The whole hugging epidemic started with Bill Clinton. That should say enough.  Unfortunately, where once a handshake would suffice, a hug is implied.  You open yourself up to enough germs with a handshake let alone a hug!

The other day someone I’d only met once, previously, upon saying goodby, told me she was a hugger. I told her I did not hug. Well, then she declared it would be just a little hug.  When someone says they do not hug, why push the issue?  I don’t want to hug.

This leads me back to my circular discussion about the Girl Scouts.  If a child does not wish to be hugged, why should it be demanded?  You can’t kid a kid.  Their ‘creep factor’ is much more pronounced than is ours.  When a child tries to avoid being hugged by an adult, you had better ascertain the reason.

There may be a very good reason a child does not wish a certain adult to hug them.

Perhaps the adults in their lives should listen to them.