The Devil and Donald Trump


First published on January 24, 2017

At least five years ago, when I was going through spiritual turmoil, I was having a discussion about Barack Obama with a friend.  This is a person I would call when I needed to talk, and when I needed prayer.  I read to her, the usual articles and interviews about what he believed and what Mitt Romney believed.  Contrary to popular opinion, and this will get me in trouble with the politically correct crowd, I do not think devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints are Christians.  This is not a discussion about their theology other than to state that their beliefs are entirely heretical to mainstream Christianity.  Unfortunately, my friend felt that Mitt Romney was far superior a Christian because he was against abortion.  She said as far as she was concerned Barack Obama, who has repeatedly stated that he had accepted Christ as his Savior, was not, because of his opinion on abortion.

“He will need to prove what he believes – to me.”

As far as I was concerned, it was and is the wrong answer.  It created a wedge between us that has never been healed.  Who are we to judge if a person, who says they have accepted Christ as their Savior, actually has. You certainly can’t judge by the way they live their lives.  I know of someone who was at church every time the doors opened, and came forward, every altar call, to renew his faith.  He supported the church and the minister by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was also the worst criminal I ever met in my life.  He was a womanizer.  He lied, he cheated in business, and he was eventually hauled up on racketeering charges, which he beat, of course.  A horrible, repulsive person, he was a ‘good’ Republican, until word began to circulate that his money was dirty.   He and his family still control several communities and have a choke-hold on Christian behavior, locally.

Who am I to judge?

Who was my friend to judge what Barack Obama believes?  Because he has outwardly lived as a loving family man, with two adorable daughters, a strong, powerful wife, and has stayed out of trouble, there are numerous Christians who point to him as an excellent example of the modern liberal Christian.

He has also done nothing to stop one of the greatest Christian purges in the history of the faith.  In order to maintain his foreign policy, he turned his back hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who cried out for help.  Instead, he created a narrative of helping innocent refugees, none of whom are Christians.  Christians in the Middle East, during his Administration, have become an endangered species.  But, because of the narrative of being tolerant with Islam, of helping refugees, he has been given, by many, a total and complete pass.

On the other hand, Donald Trump is a sinner. He is a womanizer.  He has indulged in alpha male locker room talk that horrible shocked women who have proclaimed him intensely vulgar, never mind their gyrations, behaviors, and the filth that spills from their mouths.

The man is evil because he dared state that those poor, helpless refugees Barack Obama and the Democrats want to resettle here in the US are destroying the very fabric of civilization in Europe. To say that would be racist.  The man is obviously a racist because he wants to deport criminal illegals, and prevent others from coming into the country.  Evidently thou shalt not prosecute an illegal who has committed rape or murder or thou shalt be determined to be a racist.

Because he is a Republican, Donald Trump is automatically guilty of bigotry against the LGBT community even though he is the first POTUS candidate to openly seek their support and acknowledge LGBT marriage is the law of the land.  Contrary to the narrative, Barack Obama campaigned against it, his first time around, back in 2008. So did Hillary Clinton.  Yet, by reason of being a Republican, Donald Trump is the evil one.

Our new President is an admitted womanizer.  He never raped a woman, but yet, because he may have been a jerk, ages ago, and opened his big fat mouth, he is a monster.  Bill Clinton, who has a solid track record of rape and harassment gets a free pass.

Donald Trump is an admitted sinner who has repeatedly said he has asked for forgiveness.  He does the Episcopalian thing, which includes confession. Once upon a time, the act of confessing one’s sins, and stating that he/she was going to improve their behavior was usually enough.  Oh – it is if you are a Democrat.  If you are a Republican none of this matters.  You are evil.

People are deceptive.  If the worst person imaginable can be considered a great Christian and someone a portion of the world has been told to hate because it helps the political agenda of a very wealthy and evil man, then those people automatically hate that person.  They become snarky, snide, and quite superior, rather like ‘we will see’ or ‘this person can’t possibly be a Christian…’.

“He will need to prove himself to me.”

Wrong answer.  Are you so self-important and narcissistic that YOU demand someone prove their faith to you?  I don’t think that’s how Christianity works.  There is a song that states ‘they will know we are Christians by our love.’

Spiritual superiority has nothing to do with gender, race, faith, or political inclination.  You see, it isn’t about faith.  Rather, it is about using your faith as an excuse for your hatred of someone.  The best way to hate someone is to turn them into someone you truly dislike.  When you do that to someone who has done nothing to deserve your hatred, your dislike, and malicious thoughts, you have wronged them.  When you wrong someone, the average person has a tendency to begin to truly hate the object of their ire. It justifies the dislike, disdain, and malice. Hate is an equal opportunity emotion.

Funny thing about Donald Trump.  The man has repeatedly admitted he is a sinner.  Everyone makes fun of his hair color, but, thousands of years ago, there was a man who had red hair.  He was a terrible womanizer, even sending a man off to die, so that he could shack up with his wife.  Funny thing, that.  Even while loving numerous women, using them, and tossing them aside, he loved God.  He confessed his sins, and repented – constantly.  Evidently, the Lord found favor on the man, because of his truly sinful nature and the fact that he always admitted when he was wrong.  He was a stinker, but he loved God.  He was my grandfather Froehlich’s favorite person in the Bible – because he was such a sinner, and because he always asked God’s forgiveness.  If this be the case, my money’s on Donald Trump.

While I was looking for an image for this piece, I discovered that in illustrations David is no longer shown as a ginger. According to the manipulative new theology which must defy genealogy and DNA stating that the Jews were Palestinian, David did not have red hair.  Deliver me from political correctness.  Genealogy of the ancient Jews basically puts them as part of the same basic DNA genetic stock as the ancient Greeks or Romans, along with a few other groups.  They were not Arabic in any shape form or DNA.