Social Justice Thugs


First published on November 26, 2016.

The problem with so-called social justice is that for there to be ‘social justice’ for one entity, another must be treated unjustly.  The other problem is that social justice warriors aren’t really warriors, but thugs who basically believe the end justifies the means, no matter how many  lives are destroyed to achieve justice.  It’s like the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the idiot Bundy family.  Lives are being destroyed.  The difference is the Bundy bunch are rightfully considered fools and bustheads.  Social warriors are flocking to help the Standing Rock Tribe, yet the real battle is in court.  This process is for media, only.

Social Warriors are not about the issues, but about themselves, looking good, adopting the right causes, and associating with the right people. They are predominately liberal, and low information consumers who don’t appear to be capable of digesting both sides of a story, and seeing reality for what it is.   It is about the cause, not the individual.  In so many ways, real lives don’t matter a bit.  Standing Rock is a perfect example.  In a recent referendum about the protests, 88 people voted.  66 were against the protests.  10 were for it.  The rest had no opinion.  So, why the hell are social warriors protesting?

As Christians, followers of Christ, we are entreated to live by the Sermon on the Mount.  The thing is, the Sermon on the Mount does not just apply to select groups but to everyone, even those we don’t want to embrace.  The cause may not be glamorous and might not make headlines, like going into Standing Rock, against the wishes of the locals, and getting great media coverage.  It doesn’t matter what the locals want.  It is what social warriors want.

In so many ways the situation at Standing Rock highlights the problem with the low-information social warrior.  The will of their victims just don’t matter.  All that matters is the issue.

The end justifies the means, even if a group of Black Lives Matter protesters block numerous stores in Chicago, last Black Friday (2015) cutting destroying the day’s cash flow for businesses who are marginal.  All that mattered was their issue.  Anyone who knows retail knows that an independent retail establishment makes their money from the middle of November to Christmas with the day after Thanksgiving being the biggest day of the year.  There were some businesses who took in half what they were planning because of these thugs warriors.

Let’s face it, social justice is for people to salve their conscience and appear to be relevant.  It is shallow, based on very low and biased information, and is terribly detrimental to more people than are helped.  It looks good.  They are relevant, and have something to discuss with others of their kind.

They rarely do a damn bit of good.