I Told You So


One of the things I love most about waxing political is the old ‘I told you so.’   Well, I told you so.  I have been saying, since day one, that former Judge Roy Moore was so bad he could not be elected.  But – all anyone needs do is pretend to be some great religious thinker and they can fool many of the people much of the time.

First, though, Roy Moore is NOT a pedophile.  He’s a creep. If anything, and time has proven he is not, a person interested in individuals who are basically the ages of 15 to 19 are classified as an Epheobphile.  A Hebephile is interested in children from the ages 11 to 14. A pedophile, someone who is interested, sexually, in children, does not stop.  They cannot be cured.  Moore married a woman much younger than he.  It ended, apparently, his tomcat days.  This is NOT a pedophile.

The one shot I saw him on horseback, he was highly abusive to the horse.  Anyone who treats a horse the way he did is NOT a nice person. He is not, though, a pedophile.

The man considers himself above the law.  He claims to be a man of God, yet refused to obey Caesar.  He is not, though, a pedophile.

He is a jerk.

He is a total narcissist.
He may be a psychopath.
He only cares about himself.
He is not,though, a pedophile.

Fortunately, he lost.  I told you he would lose.