Christian Blackmail


I’m sure you’ve seen the admonitions on Facebook.  Because we are Christians, the only way to put Christ back in Christmas is to feed the hungry, and so forth and so on, basically trying to lay a guilt trip on everyone by making us feel like jerks because we don’t measure up to their liberal expectations.  What fascinates me the most about people like this is they are the ones who are quick to castigate other Christians.  They have many answers for other Christians who are going through hell, as long as they can give a pithy answer and not themselves.  They tell us if we aren’t helping, feeding, clothing, and so forth and so on we’re not following the teachings of Christ.

Oh, they will also be the ones who are staunch advocates of a woman’s right to choose.

Sorry, I’m just being bitchy this year.  Doing for those who are in need is imperative.  The problem is it is easier to find generic needy person’s charity than do something kind for your Christian friend who may be putting up a good front, but is falling apart inside.

Kindness should not be reserve for the ‘holiday’ season.  Remember how, a few years ago, the same bunch were protesting how unfortunate it was that people were being forced to work on Thanksgiving, instead of spending time with their precious families.  They never mention Christmas, and by golly, you never hear these people complain about those who must screw up their Easter morning to serve brunch at the club.

Maybe we need to put ourselves in another person’s place for a moment.  What if we were required to walk in the footsteps of some raging liberal, or that raging liberal were required to surrender their hatred of our POTUS for just a few minutes.  That brings me to another rant.  The so-called Christians who are demanding such a litany of what we are to do are the very individuals who do nothing but slobber and drip hatred of Donald Trump.  He can’t possibly be a Christian because he isn’t a raging liberal lunatic.

I’m sick of it.

You know, I’m sick of them, their hypocrisy, and their hatred. Maybe, instead of castigating us for not being good enough as Christians, they should look in the mirror. They should also start reading the Gospels.  Jesus of Nazareth did not hang out with those who lived in poverty.  I dare you to even find reference to it.  His friends, every single one of them, were quite wealthy.

Please, explain that to me.

The problem with liberals is – well liberals, themselves.

Maybe the problem isn’t about liberal v conservative at all, but the total lack of human compassion.  It is so easy to have generic compassion.  You can hurt for the world and drop some cash into the little red container, but can you drop  little cash taking a friend to dinner? Oh, wait, you have other things to do.

Don’t bother telling me about Christian compassion.  If your compassion doesn’t allow for kindness toward even those you think are doing great in life and not worthy of assistance, you aren’t doing your job, are you?