New Year’s Snark


There is a new series on OWN called Checked-Inn.  On the previews, one of the scenes is about some woman literally sexually harassing the chef.  She paws him, and wants to know if he’s part of the service.  If this were a man, doing the same thing to a woman working at a  hotel, well, you know the uproar.  But, we’re watching a woman harass and fondle a young man.  It is allegedly funny.

Would someone like to explain to me why what the woman is doing to the man is acceptable, but when a man does the same thing to a woman, he must be totally and utterly annihilated?

How can we take any of this ‘new’ movement against harassment seriously when there is such an obvious double standard?

It’s a joke.

Do you think the young man likes being pawed like he isn’t human?  But, because he is male, it’s cute.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.