The Bannon Betrayal


According to Mediaite, Steve Bannon, who arrogantly thinks he is the single reason Donald J. Trump is POTUS, has decided he might run against him in 2020.  Aside from the fact that his arrogance is just plain irrational, I’ve been saying he will betray President Trump.  That’s the problem with the Steve Bannons of the world.  They begin to believe their fawning fans.  The report that Bannon is considering a run, himself comes from a Vanity Fair article.

“…Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman wrote an extensive report stating that the former White House chief strategist has expressed concern to various aides about the longevity of Trump’s presidency. Even though Trump and Bannon are believed to be still in close contact with each other, the latter is unhappy with the direction of current administration and starting to think his own direct intervention is needed for national politics…”

In all honesty, we can’t believe much of anything out of the Hate-Trump media.  But, where we do have a little hiccup is the fact that he did his best to destroy GOP Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell via the Alabama Senate special election and his advocacy for Roy Moore. Bannon has sworn to recruit candidates like Moore, to attempt to destroy Mitch McConnell, blindly ignoring the fact that McConnell has been playing good cop bad cop with our president since day one.

If he does what he has threatened, the GOP could seriously damage not only its majority in the Senate but the House.  Bannon and his avid supporters are as delusional as Hillary Clinton supporters.  They don’t quite grasp the fact that the average Trump voter doesn’t give a rip about Bannon.  It is about Trump.  The fact is, Bannon could be the greatest threat to Trump’s continuing legislative success.

Republican voters are not stupid, nor easily led.  We’re dealing with mid-term elections here.  The party in power always loses votes in the mid-terms.  While the GOP should be in excellent shape to pick up seats in the Senate, experience has proven that the GOP cannot win when crack-pots like Roy Moore are nominated.  It NEVER happens. Your average mid-term GOP voter is different from POTUS cycle voters.  It is the same with the Dems, who appear to be very well organized and are on a mission to destroy Trump.  If we lose the House and/or Senate, they will not hesitate to attempt to impeach Trump.

Steve Bannon is a far greatest danger to the GOP majority and the President than are the Dems.  He is, apparently, in love with his own power.  When this happens, until he falls, and he will fall, he is a danger to himself and the President – politically.