The Tragic Underclass?


We are inundated by heart-wrenching tales of the deserving underclass, those men and women, along with their deprived children, who have been given the shaft by life.  Liberals want to take what everyone has, in order to help them.  No child should ever go without.  Neither should adults with special needs.  As for the rest of ’em, slam the door and let them chuck it.  No, it’s not kind, but I’m sick of it.  I’m tired of being required to be compassionate and giving.  We’re told if we do not feed the hungry, cloth the needy, yada yada yada, we aren’t following the teachings of Christ.  The basis comes from Deuteronomy 15.  Liberals tell us, because of Matthew 26, we are to always give everything to help the poor.  That wasn’t the story.  Mary anointed Jesus hair with expensive oil.  Judas was irate because the money should have gone to help the poor.  Jesus told him to basically piss off.  There would always be the poor, but the Son of God would only be among them for a few short hours.

Liberals make a big deal about how Jesus discussed giving everything to help the poor.  They spew forth their fake history about him being poor. He was a carpenter.  One of the problems, today, is liberals are so arrogant, they look down on carpenters.  They consider them lessor individuals, not important because they are considered ill educated.  They’re carpenters.  Carpenters are humble, little creatures, beneath their notice.  Ergo – Jesus of Nazareth, because he was a carpenter, was poor.

He made furniture – big difference.  This was a world where a wealthy man had ONE chair, count ’em, ONE.  His servants or slaves would carry the chair around with him, to show how wealthy he was.  They lived in a world denuded of wood.  Only the wealthiest could afford to commission a carpenter to build a piece of furniture for them. Yes, it was a big deal.  During that era of the Roman Empire, being a carpenter – a furniture maker – was a big fat hairy deal.

Judas was the perfect liberal.  He was the ‘treasurer’ of the group, responsible for giving to the poor.  He made a big show of telling everyone how Mary should have given the money she spent on the anointing oil to help the poor. He sounded just like very other liberal who wants to make a show about how much they give to the poor.  Jesus of Nazareth basically told him to piss off.

Today, those same minded liberals demand we give what we have to help the poor.  As described in Deuteronomy 15, we are to help those in poverty, those who are truly in need.  But, apparently via Proverbs, there is a big difference between those who are in poverty because of no real fault of their own, and those who are in poverty because of their actions. The drunkard will end up in the gutter.  Today, substitute the word druggie for drunkard.  There are always going to be individuals, an entire underclass, who end up in poverty because of their own actions.

I feel pity.  I am NOT responsible for their upkeep.  Neither are you.  Their children need help.  After what I experienced on Wednesday, maybe their children should be taken away from them, and given a chance at life.  The child was far from abused.  But, her parents and their habits are dooming her to a life she does not deserve.  Unless she has something inside her, forcing her to achieve, she is going to be another statistic.

Are we responsible for the upkeep of those statistics?

There is a difference between people.  On Wednesday, I was doing the storage unit shuffle.  My closet was finally finished.  I could finally get to my clean clothes and additional shoes.  Yea, right.  I don’t get people.  I knew where the boxes were, but we start with one unit.  The guy helping me grabs two boxes, pulls out others, telling me he has the wardrobe boxes.  I wasn’t paying attention.  I was exhausted, cold, and dealing with another person who reeked of booze and thought he was smarter than he is.  I was paying these dudes $15/hour.  In other words, I shelled out about $250 yesterday.

I get to the house, thrilled to have clothes.  They’d pulled out two large boxes with baskets.  Damn it.  It was labeled baskets.  Are they illiterate? I wanted to scream.  They stuffed a yellow sofa into a unit, when I told them I would need to move it.  They don’t listen.  I’m tired of it. I specifically labeled 90% of my boxes very carefully, room by room.  Why bother?  I wanted boxes that were labeled master bedroom.  My new closet is packed with boxes, half of them don’t need to be there.

Furniture was dumped in a room, and that was that.  Yes, everyone was tired, but, please.  I could have set up the guest room, but I can’t.  I discovered the put the sofa in – backward – blocking everything in/out.  In order to access the room, someone is going to need to crawl over the damn sofa and get to the courtyard door, open it, and then move boxes out, so the sofa can be put in place.  That’s going to cost me another fifty bucks.

These people are breaking me. I would much rather hire someone who has half a brain cell, but I’m living in Arizona.  So many people are working, the only ones who don’t have a job are those who are druggies. They are now charging $15/hour just to push furniture around – in the wrong direction.

This is the underclass.  There is a reason they are the underclass.  They have created their own problems for themselves.  They did it to themselves.  They have cooked their brains or reproduced themselves and their children into abject filth.

Why must we be held responsible for their stupidity?  Yes, we help their children, but let’s be brutally honest.  Why must those of us who truly struggle to succeed and who do what is right be forced to have fake compassion for, and prop these people up by surrendering what we have, and pretend to be following the teaching of Christ?