The Joys of Socialism


By now, most people who follow the news are well aware that the British health care system has basically crashed, allegedly due to a massive outbreak of the flu.   Something like 18,000 surgeries have been canceled.  Don’t count on an ambulance.  It is terribly alarming.  Then – comes the information that their allegedly great cancer treatment machine lags far behind the US in basic survival rates.  It lags behind the rest of Europe.  The cost of treatment and drugs are preventing a timely administration of life-saving drugs.  Things are so expensive, the system is playing God.  If you have cancer, the place to be treated is the US, NOT the UK.  Rates in the UK lag a good ten years behind the rest of Europe.

I’m hurting here.  I can’t do anything about losing my mother.  We kept her alive on sheer will power.  I can, though, do something to rattle cages about another death.  And, no, I’m not mentioning names.  Anyone who knows me, will know my reasons.  In a way it is none of my business.  But, as an American, a Republican, conservative, and someone who totally loathes socialism, I cannot stay quiet.  Socialism kills people.  Socialized medicine kills people.  Liberals rant and rave about how only certain people have access to treatment in our country, but that’s not entirely true.  In the US, if a child has a rare cancer, they have so darn many options.  There is no version of St. Jude in the UK.

When it comes to brain cancers – well, once again, treatment here in the US is far superior. I truly believe, if someone had been in the US, and had been treated here, he would still be alive.  I still cannot grasp the fact that, with a compromised immune system, he was not given a pneumonia shot. That was fatal.  Here, we would be looking at institute destroying lawsuits.

Socialism kills people.  It’s that simple.  When I see friends, especially on FB, discuss how wonderful it would be for everyone to have socialized medicine here, I basically want to accuse them of being an accessory to murder.  That’s what it is.  Sure, we have problems here.  A medical trauma can ruin a family, financially.  Bottom line, I’ve been ruined, financially.  It is something from which a person can eventually recover.  You can’t recover from being dead because of limited medical availability due to rationing.

You like socialized medicine?  Look at the VA system.  How many people have died because of abject incompetence.  This is where I am going to mention the fact that the horrific and fatal incompetence was a result of the Obama Administration, and their lovely version of socialism.

Socialism is population control.  It is survival of those who are deemed worthy of surviving.  If you are flawed, or imperfect, or not properly responding to medical treatment, you’re dead.