Mary Was an Unwed Mother?


I know, that one just doesn’t work, but it doesn’t stop liberal ‘Christians’ from now spouting it as their new version of the Gospels.  It just plain old ignores history.  First, had Mary been an ‘unwed’ mother in today’s concept of the term, she would have been stoned to death as a whore.  Secondly, she was engaged to Joseph at the time.  Good and honorable man that he was, a man who trusted God, he immediately married her.  How the hell, then was she unwed?  He openly took her to Bethlehem as his wife.  The ancient Hebrew religion was quite clear about the fate of a woman who was with child and not married.  It was not pretty.  Joseph could have turned his back on her, and she would have been stoned to death.  He could have had her ‘put away’ – quietly.  She would have been sent somewhere to live out her short life as a prostitute.  The world could have discovered she was preggers and not married.  She would have been stoned to death.

Get it?

Unlike today’s world, there were very strict rules for living.  They were neither pleasant nor pretty.  Fact is, they were downright cruel, almost vicious.  People were expected to live within those rules so that society could properly function.  People were not kind.  If a man wanted to dump his wife – and keep her dowry, he would simply hire two men to say they had openly seen her fooling around, as a whore.  If she were ‘fortunate’ she was shipped back to her family, stripped of her dowry, dignity, and any hope for the future.  Of course, it helped if she had not provided the jerk with a son.  If she had provided him with one, he would need to figure out how to make sure she was good and dead.

The trend in upper class divorce was what Jesus of Nazareth railed against when he said a man should not put his wife away in divorce.  It was not a traditional Hebrew thing.  They adapted it from the trend bequeathed to them from the Greeks.  According to a good Athenian, the best thing a wife could do was give him a son and then die.  He would take the son and give him to one of his pals to raise, the way he was raising a young man.  They were basically pedophiles.  Greek women were to be kept quiet.  They were to be kept ignorant, veiled, and had no right to even go out of the house.  We see the legacy today, within extreme Islamic culture.  In fact, Islam stole Hellenic culture for their oppression of women. Ancient Christians, on the other hand, reached critical mass as one of those new vogue faiths upper class Roman women were constantly embracing.  It was a religion for women because of the rights given to women.

Because Hebrew women had a tendency to be outspoken, they were a pain in the Hellenic agenda.  Their independence did not fit the Hellenic tendencies, the Greek hatred of women, that the upper religious classes in Judea had adopted.  The trend was to put them in a situation where they could be controlled.  If a father discovered his daughter was being manipulated for her dowry, it was not a pretty sight.  All bets were off, and he could take his revenge on his son-in-law.

Jesus of Nazareth was raised by a very strong woman who, according to some traditions, came from a family where they might have been just a little rebellious.  The legends do explain why many expected her son to be a military leader, ready to lead their people against the Romans.

Something else needs to be mentioned.  Mary the Mother of Christ was a virgin.  Get it, she was not sleeping around, with anyone.  She had not had sex.  She had never done it with anyone.  The conception of her son was miraculous. If one goes around calling her an unwed mother, like certain liberal factions are want to do, then it destroys the miracle of the Virgin Birth.

Get it?

This is the problem with liberal Christianity.  In order to accommodate their increasingly ignorance of ancient history, Christianity, and logic, they will do anything and say anything to manipulate their version of what Christianity should be.  In short, they make it promiscuous, racist and absolutely worthless. Our faith is a funny thing.  It’s all or nothing.  You either believe or you don’t.

One of the problems we are facing is that liberals don’t like rules, regulations, and standards when it comes to governing behavior they have deemed good and holy.  They are in love with rules and regulations which destroy the common thread of our society, but must render obsolete those which might expose their true, socialist agenda.

Can a person be a devout Christian and be a liberal?  Of course they can.  Some of the finest Christians I’ve ever met are/were liberal.  I’ve met many conservatives who claimed to be Christians who were absolute monsters.  Religious devotion is a good way for people to hide their true agenda.  While I am contemptuous of liberals who pretend to be Christians in order to manipulate their socialist agenda, I am absolutely disgusted by conservatives who use Christianity to manipulate their agenda.