The Obsequious and Obnoxious Liberal


There is nothing wrong with being a liberal.
There is nothing wrong with loathing Donald Trump.
There is nothing wrong with plotting to have him removed from office – legally.

The problem is when this loathing turns into hatred.  Quite frankly, I don’t even care if you hate him.  That’s your problem – and it is a problem. It is a problem when  you loath a person so much you treat those associated with him like a they are monsters.

This is a problem:

If you don’t understand why it is a problem, then you are part of that problem.  Why?  It is about hatred, contempt, and treating good men and women who don’t see eye to eye with you as if they were dirt.  It spills over into your life.  It effects how you treat others.  It effects how people look at you – with utter contempt.

Healthy political opposition is good.  But, a person needs to know how to turn things off and on, and when to be political and when to treat people decently. There is nothing wrong with arguing politics.  It is my favorite sport.  You just don’t go around condemning those around you, and calling them truly despicable names.  That’s not how you treat decent people.

Also, don’t think because  you are a liberal and contemptuous of Trump that you can treat people like dirt, be intellectually superior and act like those who disagree are beneath you.  It just isn’t true.

Grow up, please.