Mele Kalikimaka War Game


I think the title says it all and gives the situation the gravitas it deserves re the state of Hawaii and out of control liberal insanity.  It was a moment only the late great Orson Wells could fully appreciate.  Anyone who says pushing that little state wide emergency alert button was a mistake is in line to purchase ocean front property in Yuma.  Frankly, I love conspiracy theories but I happen to think the button pusher did it on purpose as either the ultimate prank or to attempt to make our current POTUS look bad.  Considering the location, yea, I suspect it’s the latter.

Once the button was pushed, one would assume someone would immediately call the governor.  One would then immediately assume the governor’s office would start phoning every major news room in the state and have them put out a state wide retraction. They retracted on Twitter.

Okay, they retracted on Twitter.

How many people are on Twitter?

If you want my humble opinion, why would you fall for an emergency alert that read like something out of a left-wing, liberal, anti-nuc playbook from the Reagan Era?  Once the alert was issued, I would think any reasonable person would turn on the media – somewhere.  If the retraction had been issued as quickly as they say, it should have been all over everything within fifteen or twenty minutes.

Did the whole emergency broadcasting system go into effect?  If not, that alone should have said something about the veracity of the alert.

I’m sorry, but the whole thing was handled – stupidly.