South Florida, Haiti, Racism, and Veracity


The problem is only Dems heard President Trump open his mouth and spew racist remarks about Haiti and other third world nations.  The Republicans in the room did not hear it that way.  Odd, or are the Dems, once again, lying.

This is Haiti.  President Trump referred to it as a sh*thole, according to fake news anddemocrats.  Um… He is correct, even if he did not say it..  The problem is, in order to do a little research on life in Haiti, one cannot count on Google, where everything is just perfect there.  Use another search engine.  It is one of the poorest places on the planet.  There is a serious crises of not only culture, but morality.  That’s the real problem.  One is not allowed to delve into the character of a culture of a nation.  If you have had connections to south Florida over the past forty years, you would understand that which must not be discussed.

Haiti is a land of sexual violence.  There is a reason it is a sh*thole.

“…Poverty is extreme in Haiti, with 78% of the population surviving on less than $2 a day—a situation which sets the stage for prostitution, human trafficking, and mass violence.[8] Both national and international crime rings are involved in human trafficking in Haiti.[74] Adults and children are trafficked through, into, and out of Haiti for enslavement including prostitution.[75] Common destinations for Haitians forced into sex trafficking include other parts of the Caribbean, the US, countries in South America, and the bordering Dominican Republic.[75]

Haitian children are trafficked into the Dominican Republic for use as slaves in work including child prostitution;[9][76] they are sometimes kidnapped, or their families may be swindled into handing them over to traffickers.[76] Haitian children may also be used in sex tourism inside Haiti, forced into prostitution for foreigners.[75] Dominican women have also reportedly been trafficked into Haiti for forced prostitution.[75]

It is rare for human traffickers to be prosecuted in Haiti because the country does not have laws specifically banning the practice, and those laws that could be used against traffickers go unenforced.[75] Efforts to prevent and investigate human trafficking and to protect victims are primarily undertaken by international and nonprofit organizations, not the Haitian government.[75] The UN program UNICEF has funded the Brigade de Protection des Mineurs to find and protect children particularly vulnerable to trafficking.[77]

International groups reported an increase in trafficking of children out of Haiti immediately after the 2010 earthquake, since the chaos and the aid effort made it easier for traffickers to take children out of the country.[78] Government and international officials, busy dealing with the destruction of their infrastructure, were not in a position to protect children, some of whom had lost their families.[9]...”

“…Haiti is a desperately poor country. In 2010 when the earthquake struck, Haiti already ranked 145th out of 169 countries in the United Nations Human Development Index; making it the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Within this country 80% of people are living under the poverty line and 54% of these are facing abject poverty.

The epicentre of that earthquake was just 16 miles from the centre of Port au Prince; the nation’s densely-populated capital city. Throughout this city and the surrounding area many of the buildings just crumpled because of their poor concrete construction. The loss of life was an estimated at 250,000 and the rebuilding programme in the years since has been unbearably slow.

As is so often the case, it is children that are particularly vulnerable in natural disasters. According to UNICEF one in five Haitian children now have no access to clean water. Many have ended up living rough on the streets where they are forced to depend on the kindness of strangers, making them vulnerable to traffickers and violent gangs.

For children living in highly populated urban slums, life is fraught with danger and hardship. The Port au Prince area was once described by Mother Teresa as the worst few miles of slums anywhere in the world and is rife with criminal gangs, malnourishment, illiteracy and disease.

Children here are not only vulnerable to gang culture, but have very little to eat and no opportunity to learn to read or write. There are hardly any safe places where they can play with their friends. For those who still have families, many of their elders have been drawn into gangs and are unable to give them positive examples of how to live….”

AIDS traveled from Haiti to the US.  There is a reason for that – also.  In order to explain the situation, I will be condemned as a racist.  Fine.  So is President Trump.  It is quite simple.  The Haitian people are some of the most sexually perverse and immoral individuals you will ever encounter.  Until AIDS, American men would travel to Haiti for the ease of homosexual sex, prostitution, and their infamous life-style.  During a ten year period, from the mid 1980s-1990s, I did quite a bit of travel in the Caribbean.  EVERYWHERE I traveled, I was warned of one thing.  Stay away from Haitian men.

I first encountered them when I was on my first trip to the region, in Antigua. Exhausted, my luggage elsewhere, I was walking on the beach, at night, at the hotel.  I was immediately joined by several men, all, I was soon to learn, from Haiti.  They were prostitutes.  They were pushy and just a little frightening.  One of the hotel’s security guards asked if I were interested in what they were selling.  I told him no.  He threatened then, and made them leave me alone.  Very quickly he explained the situation.  Westerners go to the Caribbean for cheap sex.  Haitian men were always available.  He told me they were diseased and violent, to stay away from them.  I would later learn, repeatedly, of the reputation of the Haitians.  They were considered almost subhuman by local island populations, diseased, immoral, criminal, and pervasive in voodoo and the occult.

When I first heard my relatives talking about how filthy and immoral the Haitians in South Florida were, I thought this person was being terribly racist – and that was 40 years ago.  The prevalence of voodoo and the occult has created a culture that is dripping with evil.  The people are ill educated.  They are starving.  They are suffering.  And, no, we can’t blame it on voodoo.  We can blame it on evil – the evil that men do, especially liberals from organizations like the United Nations and criminal enterprises like the Clinton Foundation.   Haiti is a sh*thole.  It has alarming rates of rape, murder, AIDS, horrific poverty, gangs, drug running, and corruption.  In many ways, its citizenry is to blame, but not really.

As far as many other developing countries, they literally are sh*tholes.  They don’t have indoor plumbing in may locations.  People defecate in the street.  During the age where billionaires are eying an exit from this planet, there are still people who wander, barefoot, aimless, through streets paved with urine and feces.

This is a non-story.  The problem is, the media, once again, is lying.

Now that I have established myself as an outspoken racist, there’s something else I would like to note.  Study the defecation map.

Defecation Map

What have you noticed?

There is a reason people want to come to this country.  We are a nation of immigrants.  Contrary to liberal insanity, even the First Nations people are immigrants.  If you want to get technical, genetically, everyone on the planet, with only a few exceptions migrated to their nation of origin.  People have a right to want something better.  They do not have a right to try and destroy a nation in the process.  My big problem with those in the third world, who do want to migrate is the fact that they refuse to remain in their own land and make it better.  If they can’t fight for a better world for their families, in their homeland, how the heck do we expect them to fight for an adopted land?