The Dreamer Nightmare Continues


Okay, I’m so pissed.  Today someone I thought was a friend publicly accused me of being a racist because I’m completely against the Democrat version of protect Dreamers at all costs, including destroying things for people who were born here and those who immigrated – legally.  I gather I’m a racist because I said as far as I’m concerned today’s version of Dreamers could go to hell.  No – it’s not about them – it’s about Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats agenda of nationalizing people who should not become American citizens, simply because they would be a new voting block – for them.  No, it isn’t racist.  Pelosi and her associates are on the record of saying this, in public.  How can it be racist when you are quoting Democrats.  Oh, wait – it is now racist to be against Democrats and liberals, I guess.

The person who publicly accused me of being a racist, then blocking me so she could trash me and I can have nothing to say about it, has blocked me.  She continues to trash me, and I have no recourse.  Thing is, I know I’m not a racist.  Heck, I’ve even helped a family who was here, illegally.  I doubt if she has done that.  If the situation repeated itself, I’d gladly and readily do the same thing.  You see, it isn’t the individual, it is the generic.

It’s like the story of Jorge Garcia.  He is the kind of person you don’t want to deport.  But, it happened to him.  His family brought him here as a child.  He married, has children, built a successful business.  Because he is thirty-nine, he doesn’t classify as Obama’s version of a Dreamer, so he was deported.  Maybe, some of the snotty-nose brats should be deported and viable adults like Garcia should be allowed to remain.  Heck, I’d help sponsor him.

There are over three million people like Garcia, who should be classified as Dreamers, but Obama only kept the snotty-nose twits.  Adults who have contributed, positively to society, should be at the top of the list to stay.  The last thing this nation needs are more college-aged, entitled snowflakes.

The whole thing is such a difficult subject, worthy of Solomon.  The way to completely deactivate the political manipulations of both parties and both liberal and conservative agendas is to allow people to stay as permanent residents, but not be able to vote. I guarantee Democrats will drop the subject like a nuclear infested hot potato. They don’t give a damn about people.  They want votes.  They don’t think in terms of individuals, they see people by race. Republicans see people as individuals.  Consequently, the Democrats are beginning to lose some of their prime constituencies. They need to create new second-class citizens by adding Dreamers to the voting rolls.

What I heard spewing out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth on Thursday completely and utterly caused me to turn my back on the entire genera of ‘Dreamer’.  I don’t give a rip, not any more.  In order to pander for new votes, Pelosi and her minions are holding up legislation that would expand health insurance for NINE MILLION needy born in the USA children.  Evidently kids born here – legally no longer count.

What’s more, we have tech robber-barons  pledging billions of dollars to send Dreamers to college.  If I were the parent of a kid who was born here, did everything right, and simply can’t afford a college education, I’d be so angry I would take no prisoners.  There’s something very wrong here.

We have men and women who served this nation – heroically – who are homeless.  Why are we helping those who came here – illegally – and ignoring them?  Did they do something wrong?  Why are Dreamers more worthy than American heroes?  Why are those of us who think that people who are born here or played by the rules to be considered racist?

I guess, if it’s racist to stand up for our vets, and for people who need to be helped, then it’s racist.  The worst part of it is that the racism isn’t racism, but a way to bully and harass those of us who disagree with their agenda.  They want to bully us into submission.  Sorry, I don’t bully.

Over the years, I’ve antagonized my conservative friends because of my support of immigration and those who are here, illegally.  Now, though, because I’m so disgusted with the actions of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, I’m a racist.  I guess what bothers me is the fact that I know people who would like to become American citizens but, because they are here legally and have done everything the right way, they are treated like dirt.  There is something wrong with a culture that rewards people who break the law and penalize those who play by the rules.  In many ways, it is shredding the very fabric of that culture.

This country is a glorious melting pot.  Years ago, while I was still in high school, our church sponsored international students at Christmas.  We were to pool our meal one night and make an international meal.  My problem was the fact that everything I came up with to prepare was international.  That’s the way our lives are – we put salsa on everything.  Thai spice has become a way of life.  Just what don’t we curry?  Our lives are filled with pizza, spaghetti, and tacos.  There is absolutely NOTHING that is native – unless we literally delve into the recipes of the First Nation’s people.  Our national motto is out of many – 0ne.  One of my closest confidants is from China.  I have an ‘adopted’ sister who is from India.  I have a dear friend who is from Mexico.

I resent being called a racist because I disagree with the liberal agenda.