This Great National Divide


I suspect, one of these years, historians will start discussing what a truly revolutionary president, Barack Obama was.  And, no, this is not complementary.  He and his Administration made the cold-blooded calculation to do everything possible to enable to Democratic Party to win elections.  He began manipulating racism on the afternoon of June 17, 2015 after the Charleston shootings.  In fact, if the reruns of CNN were available, you could tell when his Administration began their cynical campaign to brand anyone from the South who was Christian, Conservative, did not damn the history of the Confederacy, and was GOP as a racist.

His actions were coldly and cynically calculated to throw a monkey wrench in the growing relationship between the GOP and the African American community.  Until that day, while I began having my doubts about Obama during August of 2014, I still basically supported him.  On that day, everything changed.  The bottom line was I could not vote for nor support Mitt Romney, who I still consider a psychopath.  As an aside, I do find it fascinating that the Romney machine still does everything possible to sandbag President Trump.

Any respect I had for Barack Obama ended on the afternoon of June 17.  I watched as he manipulated race.  I watched as he and his liberal minions literally destroyed race relations within this country.  He allowed the manipulation of Black Lives Matter.  He allowed the destruction of communities to prop up bad men killed by cops, simply because those bad men were Black.  I am ashamed to admit I believed everything they said about the Bundy crew – because they were far right.  We now know Obama’s Department of Justice lied about the entire situation, buried evidence.

Now we are experiencing the left’s attempt to salvage what is left of his legacy before the release of the FISA reports which are labeled Top Secret.  The cynic in me says the reason the Dems are perpetuating this disastrous government showdown is to harm Donald Trump as much as possible and to create a Democratic majority in November.

When the FISA report is exposed, I’m hearing people within the Obama Justice Department will be going to prison. If it is proven, from what Sarah Carter is finding, that Obama was part of it, his legacy is ruined.  Basically, the Dems have been working on a coup to destroy Trump.  The only way to achieve this is to destroy the very foundation of party relationships in this nation.

When do we get to call what is happening – evil?