An Oscar for Ronnie


Ronald Reagan was an actor.  He was a very good actor.  He was an iconic actor, a cowboy, and two-term president of the Screen Actor’s Guild.  According to author Mark Weinberg, Reagan confident and author of Movie Night with the Reagans, the fact that he had not been given an honorary Oscar, bothered President Reagan.  He has started an online petition.

I’ve signed it.

It isn’t right.  When you think about the pedophiles, criminals, rapists, thieves, traitors, murders, and other individuals who have received Oscars over the years, it’s just plain insulting.  Of course, that is the idea – insult the great man, because he was not a liberal.

Funny, but during his time in office, Ronald Reagan was loved by the A-listers.  Today, the A-list thinks he is a monster.  The only individuals who have changed are the A-listers.  It makes you wonder about your values.

Take Meryl Strep, please.  I dislike her more than any other person in Hollywood.  She is a fake.  She’s cruel, vicious, superficial, and had no problem snuggling up to the very worst.  She denounces anyone good and decent, yet doesn’t mind selling out her colleagues for yet another promising role and another nomination.

Sorry, it isn’t fair.

Life rarely is, especially if you are a Conservative.