Does Abortion Harm Women


There is a new study about the effects of abortion on women.  I don’t like abortion.  I think it is, though, a necessary evil.  In fact, up until the late 1970s, even the Southern Baptist Church defined it as a necessary evil. There are certain reasons even I would have one.  The other night I was watching Dr. Phil.  A young woman, while pregnant, discovered she was carrying a gene that gave her an 89% chance of highly aggressive breast and ovarian cancer.  If she was diagnosed with the disease while pregnant, she would not be able to be treated for the cancer.  Sorry – but that’s where you have an abortion.  Maybe I’m selfish, but I value my life.  The barbarian era where a woman was expected to die in order to present her lord and master husband with an heir have come and gone. I also would not want to pass that gene on to my child.

If I were carrying a child who was horrifically deformed or possessed several deaths which doom them, I would have an abortion.  I would not have one if I were carrying a Down’s child.  Abortion should be required for victims of incest and available for victims of rape.  As far as abortion for birth control – I think it is cold blooded murder.

We have been told that that abortion is good for women.  It is a positive thing that helps them in oh so many different ways.  Planned Parenthood is a cash cow that cannot be criticized.  No one has done a major study on the negative results, until now.

“…One of the more remarkable findings was that 32 percent of women reported no positive outcomes from the decision to have an abortion. One comment a woman gave in response was a heartbreaking: “None, there are no positives. My life is no better, it is much worse. I carry the pain of a child lost forever. Although I know I am forgiven and have worked through the guilt and shame, the heart wrenching pain is still there. I would rather have been a single mother of two and have my baby here.”

A significant number (24 percent) of women reported feeling the pain of taking a life. This woman’s 30 years of grief and thoughts of suicide sound nothing like the sound-bites we hear from pro-abortion marches and rallies. Where is this woman’s voice in the conversation on abortion? Is she allowed to have one?…”


“…When asked about the most significant negatives associated with abortion, many women voiced deep feelings of loss, existential concerns, and reduced quality of life, with heart-wrenching clarity. For many women, the abortion experience became a pivotal point in their lives, impacting their self-image, their personality, and their connectivity to others. Specific commonly experienced negatives included living with having ended a life, regret, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, negative self-appraisals, and self- destructive behaviors. At the extreme, 49 women voiced a lack of desire to continue living based on the reality of their choice and the heartache that ensued. The vast majority of women did not cite only one or two negative outcomes, but instead described a complex constellation of adverse consequences, often centered on the life lost. Many women wrote about pressure from others and feeling as if they had no choice at the time; yet the majority seemed to assume responsibility for their decision as opposed to blaming others. Coming to terms with the irreversibility of an abortion decision and integrating the choice into one’s understanding of self were viewed as necessary by a significant proportion of the respondents in order to continue their lives in a positive direction. For most of these women, peace and relief from a host of negative effects only arrived once they felt they had received divine forgiveness….”

It is heartbreaking.