The Memo


California Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell is the most dangerous person I’ve had the misfortune to encounter in ages.  On Friday evening, he was on Tucker Carlson, spouting Democratic talking points, accusing the FOX host of something quit evil because the man was discussing the memo.  Evidently, according to the Democrats, it is now immoral for the cops to disclose to a criminal what they are being investigated for – if anything.

Umm…. I guess the good Democrat doesn’t understand at a certain point it becomes suppression of evidence.  It can be a tool to destroy.  That’s why a defense attorney has a right to look at ALL evidence, once a case reaches a certain point.  Not to allow this is not only unconstitutional, but it is the beginning of a fascist police state.

Jonathan Turley on the memo.

I find the situation terrifying.  And, no, the Democrats don’t remind me of fascists.  Instead, it reminds me of the slow disintegration of the Roman Republic, into an empire. When you have seated Congresspersons who don’t quite understand the limits of police power, well that’s a problem.

We add that to the problem of a political watch hunt, and destroying lives in order to destroy a sitting President and this nation is facing its greatest crises – yet.  Apparently, very few people care.