A Racist Rant


Have you ever paid attention to the abjectly dorky movies made for the Hallmark Channel?  If you have, maybe you’ve noticed how abjectly lily white they are.  Lifetime isn’t as bad, but almost.   Evidently, in the world of Hallmark, heroes and heroines are only white.  They aren’t Hispanic. They aren’t even Jewish. They are all abjectly white.


Oh, every once in awhile, Lifetime runs a feature film with a minority cast, but with their in-house movies, forget it.  If there are people of color, they are in supporting roles, or play the usual cops, always to be slaughtered.  Hallmark might use someone not lily white in a supporting role.  It is always a woman, and never a man.

God forbid they have couples who are of mixed race.

They can’t possibly have heroes who are Black.  Nope, that just would not work.  Same thing with Hispanic.  Hallmark is so white, they can’t even allow people of color to be the usual stereotypical gang members or criminals.  They can’t even do that.

I don’t like quotas.  I don’t like people given a break simply because of their genetics.  But, when someone is a good actor or actress, I don’t give a rip what their race is. It was like casting Danzel in Much Ado About Nothing.  It’s like opera.  You cast by talent, not race.

Don’t people who aren’t white have post-card lives?

Oh well, I’m not holding my breath.