Dead Commie Walking


It’s too bad our collective liberal media is so abjectly ignorant, or they would – perhaps – comprehend the only person in history with whom we can compare Kim Jong Un is Caligula.  While it is true, everything we need to know in life we can learn from Star Trek, most of what we need to know about life can be learned from Roman history.  Caligula was an insane monster who delighted in the cruel. He, and his entire family, had a tendency to eliminate those pesky relatives who might end up overshadowing them

The media is fawning over the snotty little dictator’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, turning her into a superstar. Let’s be bluntly honest. In doing so, they have signed her death warrant.  She is also one of her brother’s closest advisors.  That will also help terminate her life, eventually.

“…Kim, on the other hand, is the sister and confidant of a brutal dictator who murdered his own uncle and brother. Kim has served as his propaganda chief, shaping his cult of personality at a time when her brother was purging hundreds of government officials and their families, either by sending them to prison camps or by killing them in horrific public executions to secure his grip on power.

In recent years, Kim has risen through the ranks to become a member of the senior leadership and one of Kim Jong Un’s most trusted advisers. She is rumored to have even taken control of North Korea when her brother was ill, which means that at one point in time, she had her hand on the wheel of one of the world’s most oppressive regimes.

Not a lot is known about Kim Yo Jong, but it is clear that she is a leading figure in a regime accused of committing most of the recognized crimes against humanity. She is not a bystander or mere spectator; rather, Kim is an active participant….”

It is amazing how liberals in the west have a tendency to laud and pander to those things which aren’t all that wholesome or compatible with freedom.  They gush about providing headscarves for Islamic women, and think that female genital mutilation should be cultural, not criminal.  It is as though the left has something against goodness and decency.  They have no problem condemning those of us who do have standards.

We live in a very strange world.  I do wonder how long Kim Yo Jong will be a part of it.  My guess is she is either going to overthrow her brother or become a static.