Thy Employees’ Keeper?


The latest selective anti-Trump outrage on the left is about an individual who was not properly vetted.  Apparently, allegedly, he has a problem beating up on women. Because President Trump did not respond the way the left wished for him to respond, he is now the leader of a rape culture.

It’s all his fault.

The reason it is all Donald Trump’s fault is because he is a Republican.  If he were a Democrat, he would get a pass. Those are the rules.

A person is not responsible for the actions of their employees.  Do you blame the owner of a department store because an employee turns out to be a serial killer? Oh, wait, one must hold the entire Catholic Church responsible for the actions of a few bad seeds.  Yet, entire school systems are not held accountable for the same crimes.

We have such lovely double standards.

“…Nearly 60 percent of all young women have experienced abuse: 29 percent of women surveyed said they’d been in an abusive relationship. 62 percent of those women have been hit, shoved, or slapped. 11 percent of those who say their partner is currently abusive predict he “will seriously hurt or kill me.”May 4, 2011…”

Yet – try getting actual hard statistics.

You can’t.

Apparently 1% of American women are subjected to violence.  Something like  .8% of men were subjected to violence.  I hate to be nasty, but those numbers are not huge.  Is it possible, even though domestic violence and violence against women is a problem and a serious one, with something like around 5 million women each year being effected, in the long run that’s not a lot of women.

In other words, we don’t go around looking for men to be violent, because NORMAL men aren’t.  Maybe we aren’t all that much of a violent culture.  That would be a shocker.  The left is trying to push this narrative of such a horrible world, with women being the victims of big bad men, yet something is quite wrong here.

Violence is terrible.  I don’t think normal, decent men react strongly against domestic violence because it is so alien to them.  Men are strange creatures. If something doesn’t hit them in the face, they don’t quite grasp the issue. When they do figure it out, and it hits (pardon the pun) close to home, they react – violently.

It is, though, just plain wrong and illogical to hold an employer accountable for his/her employees under most normal circumstances.