Values Might Be Needed?


My dos centavos is quite simple.  No one under the age of 25, who is on psych meds, should be allowed anywhere near a gun.  The problem with many of the studies on violence and psych meds is the fact that there is a Scientology link.  That alone will render any study suspect.

The bottom line is the fact that – forty years ago, we weren’t seeing these shootings.  We weren’t seeing this two decades ago.  I think there is something to the psych meds angle.  But, there are other factors, and they must include morality, values, and family ties.

One of the threads that runs through these shooting are broken homes, fatherless, nor families who might not be involved.  We see it over and over again.  But, that isn’t the answer.  Our culture has become cruel, crass, and totally lacking in values and respect for human life.  When abortion on demand is acceptable, how can any society have value?

Funny thing about that.

A Planned Parenthood clinic can slaughter seventeen babies any day of the week and no one says a thing.

Is there a connection?

I don’t know about you, but I sure think there is.

I think there is also a reason kids were raised in Sunday School, or within a religious format. There is a reason for the Ten Commandments.  There is a reason for family values, honor, decency, and insuring that all children know that life is sacred.  When life is no longer sacred, there is no reason not to kill.  Life means nothing in today’s culture.  If it did, abortion on demand would be considered murder.

Is there a connection between the liberal need to completely allow for those who seriously mentally ill to be mainstreamed and our current problems?  I’m not sure.  I suspect there is.  Our society refuses to acknowledge that bad people who are mentally ill need to be kept away from society and protected from themselves.  We need to be protected from them.

When our society adhered to more conservative and traditional values we did not have these problems.  Is there a connection?  I think there is.  I’m just going to say what I think. Planned Parenthood can murder 17 helpless babies in an afternoon and everyone thinks it is just wonderful – a woman’s right to choose. Millions of innocent lives have been extinguished before they had a chance to be born.

But – some insane freak does the same thing to 17 people and he is a murderer.

What’s the difference?

When society allows the slaughter of the most innocent, it is no wonder those who have been taught no values or that life is sacred have no problem taking innocent lives. Have you also noticed that the vast majority of shooters come from LIBERAL backgrounds?

Maybe there is a lesson here.

It isn’t about mental illness.

It isn’t about gun control.

It is about a nation where those who have a blackness in their soul have basically been given permission by a liberal society – to slaughter the innocents.

What would Jesus do?

He certainly would not allow millions of babies to be murdered before they are even born. Our society is reaping what it has sewn. Maybe the lesson we should be teaching the snowflake generation is THOU SHALT NOT KILL.