The Staunch of Dishonesty and Honesty


A liberal group called Resist  45 is calling for someone to “Kill the NRA“.  The message of peace suggests after all guns are confiscated they want to kill NRA members.  That’s the problem with the left.  They are always demanding someone or other be killed.  Today, the left is organizing students.  Don’t ever think they’re doing this on their own.

The violent behavior of the shooter was very well knownIt is entirely possible the policies of the local school authority prevented him from being arrested.  One of the reasons is the adopted last name of the shooter – Cruz, making him a ‘minority’.  Local schools were ordered NOT to report violent behavior of minorities to the authorities.

The Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin, has something to say about school shootings.  It’s all about culture.  Like all normal people, Mike Rowe agrees that the problem is the evil person who killed.

“…”And for a thousand reasons, people have a preconceived notion that another gun restriction, for example, another rule, another regulation, another you-can’t-do-this, another governmental intervention of some sort is the answer.” Bevin said it is our responsibility — as individuals, as parents, as teachers, as educators, as members of churches and civic organizations and youth organizations — to ask, “What are we not doing that was done a generation ago to provide the type of guidance that young people need as they grow up? “The governor also pointed to the way we now deal with differences of opinion, demonizing those with different viewpoints instead of listening. He made one final point: “We are lionizing, sadly, some of these children who do this. Again, not anyone’s intention, but we’re making heroes of a child who has no business to have their face put out there. Another young person who’s…..perhaps psychologically unbalanced will say why not? I will get my 15 minutes of fame. If we don’t think there’s a copycat mentality, we’re not paying attention.”…”

The dishonesty of the left and the media is astounding.  The liberal, anti-gun media were like vultures, the moment the shooting ended, they were pushing gun control, hounding various students, looking for reactions.  Student journalist, David Hogg, has a father who is in the FBI.  He is also known to CNN, where he is a student journalist.  Last week, he was interviewing students as they fled the danger.  His mother is a big CNN fan.  And, no, this is not to denigrate them.  It is showing how the message is controlled.   It is being driven by the Soros funded liberal groups.

I have a friend in Ruidoso who is working on what is called the High Mountain Youth Project.  The object is to provide a safe place for homeless teens.  I suspect this article proves her point.

The point of this piece is not to criticize the young people who want to do something to put control in their lives. I laud anyone who chooses to become actively, politically, no matter if they are liberal or conservative. I don’t like it when anyone is manipulated by those in power.  They are being manipulated by the left.  That’s the way it works.  The right, who is pointing out the manipulation is being turned into something horrific.  The left, Democrats, are like bottom feeders.  They don’t give a sh*t about the kids they are manipulating.  It is all about votes.  If they truly cared, there are so many things that could have been done to stop this atrocity, and they all lay on the Democrat side of the aisle.