Guns in School


I’m sorry, this isn’t about guns in school, this is about the progressive mission to disarm the country. The more I’m exposed to progressive ideology, and the nastiness of liberals, the less I like them, and the farther right they push me.  I’m finding devoted liberals (I’m not talking about normal Democrats) to be ill-informed, brainwashed, rude, condescending, and so biased they are incapable of thinking beyond the soundbites they are spoon fed. They bring out their dog and pony show every time there is a shooting – unless it is a Republican Congressman.

If the left cared about kids, they would be willing to compromise, the way conservatives now are trying to do.  They would search for answers beyond the usual soundbites and their pimps like George Soros.  They don’t.  All they want to do is confiscate guns.  Then, they can start working on Nancy Pelosi’s apparent idea of socialism, robbing from the rich, to give to the poor. If no one has guns, they can’t protest.  I don’t trust these people. They are going full on socialist.  When they want to take your guns and are going socialist, it doesn’t end well.

This whole crock about teachers not being armed is just that – a crock.  There are people who are capable of concealed carry and some who aren’t. Are people who teach so naive they think banning guns will stop the violence?  Banning guns increases crime. Schools need to be armed and secure.

Banks have armed guards.
Airports have armed guards.
Wallyworld has armed guards.
Every shopping mall has armed guards.
Jewelry stores have armed guards.
Museums have armed guards.
Libraries have armed guards.
The head of the teacher’s unions have armed guards.
They have armed guards at theaters, sports venues, and CNN.
Churches have armed guards.
Judges have armed guards.
Louis Vuitton stores have armed guards.
Any business in a high traffic area that has money has armed guards.
Even the celebrities who don’t want guns on school campuses have armed guards.

I even had armed guards in my gift shop certain times of the year.

Are our school kids that unimportant?

Or – do we get rid of armed guards for everyone in the country but liberal celebs?  Are liberal celebs more important than our school kids?

What is wrong with armed guards?