The Devil Is In the Details


I’m getting tired of this, then again, I have the attention span of a sugared up four-year-old.  It’s starting to get redundant.  It’s also starting to get a little suspicious. I don’t trust Democrats.  Why the concentration on this story?  What are they trying to hide from the headlines?  I’m beginning to suspect the reason for this insanity – and it is insanity – is to change the subject and attempt to lower President Trump’s rapidly rising poll numbers.

Am I that cynical?  You’d better bet your sweet bippie I am. There is absolutely no reason for the hysteria.  Yes, it is horrible.  It is pure, dripping evil, but we did not have this hysteria after the Las Vegas shooting.  Now, suddenly, the banning of guns is an issue?

Why didn’t the same usual suspects wax poetic after members of Congress was targeted?

Let’s face it, several things are going on here.

  1. The Dems just released their ‘memo’ which is devastating to their anti-Trump position.
  2. The Dems need to destroy Trump’s poll numbers.  According to Rasmussen, he’s above 50%.
  3. The Dems need to salvage Obama’s legacy.
  4. The Dems need to obscure the fact that the real failure in Broward goes directly back to the Obama Administration and their racist version of crime and punishment.
  5. The Dems need to hide the fact that the failures in Broward are due to their policy.
  6. The Dems need to hide one salient fact in the narrative:  Cruz admired ISIS.

Yes, Nikolas Cruz admired ISIS.  Let’s be honest here.  The left wanted the guy to be a right wing racist.  They wanted him to be a Trump supporter.  When word began leaking that he was  a radical, they were thrilled.  In their mind, radical = Trump. But, when the WSJ via the FOIA discovered otherwise, NOTHING has been said.

“…What follows is the FBI transcript of a phone call from a woman warning the FBI that Nikolas Cruz was going to explode. She details his fascination with ISIS, his prior explosive conflicts when a student, the ongoing threats he was making to others, and her fear he will return to a school and “just start shooting the place up.”…”

He admired ISIS. Let that sink in for awhile.  Add to this the fact that there have been rumors about the Las Vegas shooter having some sort of alliance to ISIS and, this is no longer just about school shooters or gun control. What it is about, unfortunately, is the fact that the left – Democrats and their fawning accomplices in the media, swept in and began manipulating a group of shattered children.  When their duplicity was called out, they turned on the GOP, and made the issue a political witch hunt.

Anyone who thinks we don’t need some reasonable new gun laws is delusional.  Anyone under the age of twenty-one should not be allowed to purchase a gun or ammunition, with an exception for viable military.  Notice I said PURCHASE.  That is different from owning. Only a parent or guardian should be allowed to purchase a firearm for anyone under twenty-one, military exception. If so, I suspect half the shootings could have been eliminated.   There should be rules in place for psych meds.  Every state should be required to do background checks.  Computer systems should be updated.  Let’s be honest here – anything Fed and computer is antiquated.

And so forth and so on…

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