Just Following Orders?


An article caught my attention today.  It comes from DC Whispers.  According to a staffer on the Hill, the idea of a tariff has sent his sources over the edge.  This is what he said:

“…Word is that Mueller has been given the green light to go after the Trump family directly. All business interests, the entire Trump empire, is to be turned upside down under the guise of investigating campaign financing during the 2016 Election. This was sort of danced around before, a few soft inquiries, etc. After the tariff announcement, though, (which surprised some of the President’s own staff) Mueller has been ordered to go all out on digging into the Trump financials directly.

“That is Trump’s Achilles heel. His children. Mueller will now be allowed, with the full support and power of the Deep State, to pull them into the investigation with far greater intensity/scrutiny than what we’ve already seen over the previous year. The Trump children are to be used by Mueller to twist the President’s arm until it breaks if need be.

“Mueller has his orders. He will proceed accordingly.”…”

Yes, you read it correctly – if it correct.

If it is correct….?