Hooray for Hollywood?


According to some reports, over five hundred armed officers protected the Hollywood elite at the Oscars.  They were very well armed.  Yet – these same Hollywood luminaries don’t want our children to be protected by armed guards while they are in school.

They are the superior ones – and they have the awards to prove it.  There is nothing their ilk love more than receiving awards.  It shows the world just how amazing they really really are.

They are talented.

Legends, they are the beautiful people.  They are so beautiful, so perfect, when they go to give and receive awards they don’t even pay for the gowns and jewels they wear.  Instead, they are bestowed upon them, like a gift to the gods.  It is all about them.

They hate Donald Trump and will do anything to destroy him, even give the Oscar for Best Picture to a science fiction remake of the Alligator Man and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Just how much fun is that?  Let’s face it, when Hollywood is at its best, it is a total joke.