Deliver Me From ‘Sisterhood’ & the Support of Feminists


On Thursday morning, I was greeted by a Happy International Women’s Day on Twitter.  I asked about a day like that for men.  BTW it is November 18.  Some woman replied WTF.  I hate that.  I usually block a person who does that, but because she is on our ‘group’ I let it alone, other than making my usual snarky remark.  I do prefer the company of men.  When women start spouting universal sisterhood, run before they start knifing you in the back! I told her I have a sister. I have a handful of women who are very good friends.  But – as far as that idiotic universal sisterhood thing – give me a break!

I really don’t trust women all that much.  I trust a few, but from the lessons of my life, women are the ones who are going to destroy another woman.  I had a run-in with one on Wednesday.  She did a tremendous amount of damage to a plan, maybe destroying it.  If so, she seriously hurt me, financially.  But, it’s sisterhood – right?

Deliver me from sisterhood.  I don’t need the battle scars.  If I sound cynical and snippy, well, I am.  Let’s face it, as a gender, men are basically like big dumb basset hounds, tripping over their own ears.  You get a share of wolves, coyotes, and curs, but for the most part, they’re basically pound puppies.  There’s a reason women are compared to cats.  I’m not trying to insult cats, trust me.  I prefer cats to any other critter, but for the most part, women have sharp claws and will pee all over what you treasure, when they are mad at you.  Sure a dog may lift his leg, but it doesn’t stink like cat pee.

Women don’t play fair.  Feminists are even worse.  They want everything to go their way.  When it doesn’t, they destroy.  They are like small, spoiled children who must be constantly indulged.  In order to get their way, they are destroying men.  That’s the real problem.  I like competing with men.  When you compete with women, let’s face it, most standards have been lowered.  If you, as a woman, beat a man, you’ve had to work harder than they do.  If you beat a woman, no biggie.

I reserve the right to man bash.  They are such easy and dumb targets.  But – only to a point. The average man doesn’t take himself all that seriously.  He just wants to live and let live.  The average woman is going to stab you in the back – and  I have the scars to prove it.